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Leaders, when you hear the phrase highly sensitive team members, what do you picture? Employees who can’t take criticism and react emotionally? Well, this is not an accurate picture of highly sensitive team members. It is an expression of behavior you don’t like. In fact, with that incorrect image, you will miss the incredible value that highly sensitive team members deliver to business and to every team they are on. So what is a more accurate picture?

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Highly Sensitive Team Members Deliver These Team Advantages: Image by zeevveez via Flickr.

Image by zeevveez via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Highly Sensitive Team Members Deliver These Team Advantages

Picture team members who are highly intuitive, naturally good at positive relationships, insightful, reflective, and always work toward excellence. Are you starting to see their value now?

Highly Sensitive Team Members

  1. Build positive empathetic relationships that produce great team results vs. leaving scars from being blunt and rude

  2. Sense potential team trouble long before others thus preventing dips in teamwork and results

  3. See hidden human talent sooner and better than others thus helping you to bring out the best in everyone

  4. Are good at finding solutions to human obstacles vs. fighting about those barriers

  5. Become the models for positive team interaction as long as you leaders embrace their natural relationship talents

Encouraging Reminder

Leaders, as you lead morale, tap these special talents. Replace the old image you have about them with the more accurate image of what they deliver. If you find it difficult to do this, ask yourselves why. What about these great benefits troubles you?

Remember, leading morale is all about respect and dignity — two things that these team members are very good at. Don’t blow it by labeling them as insecure and too sensitive. They aren’t. They are highly intuitive employees that can help you lead morale!

Getting Started

To get started leading morale especially when you have these special team members, replace these unempathetic leadership statements with positive connections.

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Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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