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We often hear about the power of the human connection for success in business. Yet, that’s only true if the connection is something more than a casual handshake. It’s not enough to be noticed for a moment. The power of the human connection is in being memorable in service to others.

To achieve success — be memorable for others.

Being memorable doesn’t come from being noticed because you’re different in some way. Being memorable comes from being connected with others in ways that matter to them.

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Human Connection: Be Memorable!

Human Connection: Be Memorable For Others!

Memorable affects others for the better.

Memorable creates a story that moves or transforms their lives.

Memorable builds a trust they treasure.

Memorable sparks an insight that helps them.

Memorable fosters mutual respect.

Memorable eliminates their doubt.

Memorable keeps you present in their minds.

Memorable changes their reality.

Memorable reflects the value you provide.

Memorable brings you into their future.

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Memorable Human Connection Examples

    Do you have noticeably good planning skills? Add foresight to those skills to be memorable. Prevent a problem on a project or discover an opportunity for your customer, your boss or your organization. Outstanding skills get you noticed. Using them to help others makes you memorable.

    Are you a remarkably fast learner? Your boss can hand you anything new and you can do it? That’s good. Learn before the skill is needed and you increase your value to everyone. Start today to be memorable for others tomorrow.

    Do you have a special talent for teamwork? Worthwhile in today’s collaborative workplace. Excel at it during times of stress, low morale, or critical change and you will be memorable to teammates and leaders. Your human connection will make the road easier for everyone to travel even during storms.

    Are you a people person? Sales or customer service is your sweet spot? Certainly a plus. To be truly memorable, deliver wonderful service recovery when something is going wrong. Do it with urgency. You will build phenomenal trust and gratitude because you take the burden of trouble and uncertainty from them. You will be memorable!

Now Find Your Potential to Be Memorable

The suggestions above are just a few examples. Try these questions to discover how you can be memorable:

  1. What three things do most people notice about you? Why? The answer will uncover ways for you to create memorable human connection.

  2. What is one strength that people don’t notice in you? Start using it in ways that matter to others.

  3. What are two areas in your work or personal life where you see a need, a void, pain, fear, or doubt in others?. Fill the need/void or remove the pain, fear, or doubt. That is memorable human connection.

Why bother making memorable human connection? Two reasons: #1 Being memorable for others comes back to you tenfold. #2 You make this world a better place to be.

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Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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  1. Kate! A great memorable post. People forget what we said, what we did, but never forget how we made them feel.

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