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Although I’ve written several substantive posts about professional humility, I am still compelled to write this one on humility power. In addition to the five things that make humility valuable there is one more important benefit it delivers. Humility keeps us learning at every moment and I don’t mean from humiliating mistakes. Humility is not the same as humiliation! Consider the following ways humility keeps us learning.

Humility Power: Image is Quote about Life is a long lesson in humility.

Humility Power: It Ignites Learning by Leaps & Bounds. Image by Brett Jordan via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Brett Jordan via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Humility Power: It Ignites Our Learning!

  1. It tells us that we don’t know everything. Logically we know this. Yet as we work and feel the pressure to perform, our minds can tell us we know best. Humility says we can always learn more.

  2. Humility opens us up to other’s skills and talents. Insecurity may tell us we are better skilled than others. humility says we get even better when we hear other’s views.

  3. It interrupts our assumptions. Assumptions can kill learning and performance. Meanwhile, humility busts them wide open and then opens us to facts and the truth.

  4. Humility blocks that horrible desire to drive every moment. As it stops us leaders from always being in control, it engages employees’ ideas, skills, and talents. BAM, watch everyone learn, including us!

  5. Humility draws others toward us. As people see how open we are to learning, their interaction with us fuels more learning all around.

  6. It actually fosters valuable conversations as it quiets our egos. In other words, it helps us listen. Instead of getting ready to prove someone wrong, we are hearing what they are truly saying. BAM, watch everyone learn and grow from it.

  7. Humility replaces disrespect we have for others with basic human respect and desire to learn from anyone. Many things can make us feel mistrustful, judgmental, and even contemptuous of others. Yet mistrust, contempt, and disrespect can’t fix the relationship. Listening and learning can — thanks to humility.

Humility Replaces Fear & Insecurity w/ Confident Learning

Use these daily humility-driven beliefs for success in leadership, management, teamwork, and your individual lives:

  • Everyone has something to teach us. Listen to them.

  • Leadership without learning dies fast. Leaders who aren’t always learning make themselves extinct.

  • Teamwork is growing and changing to meet challenges together. That means constant learning and that takes humility.

  • Humility makes our egos feel great. It tells our egos, relax, you’re safe because you’re always learning. Now that is true humility power!

What have you learned through humility that I can now learn from you?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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