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Impromptu interactions have changed the trajectory of people you see as happy and/or successful. All the wonderful goal setting and career planning alone didn’t get them there. Actions and interactions get them there and the following impromptu interactions can change your life too.

Impromptu Interactions: Image is arcs of color.

Impromptu Interactions That Change Your Trajectory. Image by Turinboy via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Turinboy via Flickr Creative Commons License.

10 Impromptu Interactions That Changed Lives

If you are hesitant to interact spontaneously with others, consider what you may miss in your life if you don’t. These random interactions hold answers you don’t even know you need.

  1. Human Resources VP who told the recent college graduate sharing the row on an airplane the secret to acing a job interview

  2. Customer who shared what they loved and hated about a local business with a ‘stranger’ who turned out to be the business owner

  3. Chance meeting with someone who turns out to be your soulmate and significant other

  4. Budding entrepreneur who discovers an untapped niche through impromptu interactions at a party

  5. Finding an unadvertised job opening simply because you told someone that you were looking for a job

  6. Changing careers after finding sudden and unrequested insight from others about your true talents

  7. Developing assertiveness after speaking with people who overcame their fear of speaking up

  8. Developing empathy after interacting with people who suddenly shared their pain

  9. Leading differently after discovering through conversation that a long-held belief was false

  10. #10 & One of My Favs

  11. Taking the uninvited negative criticism from others and finding the opportunity where those very traits are a benefit

So What’s Next?

What is the true potential of having more sudden conversations?

  • Leaders can learn more about those they lead and build greater trust.

  • Teammates can build better relationships through casual conversation.

  • You can explore new horizons and undo your hidden biases.

  • You will come to see more opportunities than obstacles in your life.

As I reflect on my life of travel as a business owner, I realize the countless impromptu interactions I’ve had that have changed my life. Take time to reflect on the sudden conversations that have changed yours. You may be pleasantly surprised. Share some of your stories below!

Be curious, walk engaged, succeed together. ~Kate Nasser

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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