Increase Success w/ These Constant People Skills Truths | #PeopleSkills

It’s never too late to assess your progress and increase success. What creates it? How do you sustain it? Well you can start with these constant people skills truths. They widen your opportunities and increase success.

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Increase Success w/ These Constant People Skills Truths

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Increase Success w/ These Constant People Skills Truths

  1. People seek and protect their dignity. Connect through dignity. It will increase your success.

  2. Civility doesn’t weaken your message. It helps others hear it. Always be civil.

  3. Humans respond to kindness. People welcome you back for more and give you kindness as well.

  4. Bridges take you to success. Walls block it. Always build bridges not walls.

  5. Collaboration expands everyone’s greatness without diminishing anyone. Constantly collaborate.

  6. See each person as an individual. Generalities and assumptions detour your success.

  7. Bluntness leaves scars. Be honest with care not blunt & brutish.

  8. Honor people as well as your message. In other words, reach ’em don’t preach ’em. It will increase success.

  9. Increase Success Through Care for Others

  10. Rise above your pet peeves. It shows that you care about others. You increase success when you escape the trap of your own comfort.

  11. Be confident in your knowledge and humble in delivering it. It prevents arrogance and selfishness. Confidence and humility CAN co-exist.

  12. Don’t confuse objectivity for being detached and cold. You can be objective and still deliver your insights with emotional intelligence. It will increase your success. Stepping back too far makes you out-of-touch.

  13. Be accountable. It will definitely increase your success. If you sidestep accountability, people will mistrust and resent you.

  14. Talk with people not at people. If you talk too much and rarely listen, you drive people away.

  15. Never bully or shame people. Bullying and shaming others shows your cruel nature. Give the love inside of you and you’ll always have a home in the hearts of others. This builds tremendous trust.

When you live these constant people skills truths, you tap into opportunities you never saw or had before. Improve your people skills to increase success.

What constant people skills truths would you add to this list to increase success?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Increase Success w/ These Constant People Skills Truths | #PeopleSkills”

  1. Alli Polin says:

    These people skills truths not only apply in customer service and leadership but in life. Parents, friends, teammates on a sports team, you name it. I especially appreciate “humans respond to kindness” as it’s too often forgotten how much of an impact kindness can make – it’s not weakness. I’m also reminded of what I learned from Arbinger that ties in well with your insights here. Any behavior, hard or soft, can be done with a heart at peace or a heart at war. Our way of being when we deliver what we have to say matters as much as what we say.

    Will share, Kate!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Hi Alli,
      Your insights always expand the views on human topics. We both will continue to sing out the message that kindness isn’t weakness.

      Many thanks for the Arbinger quote about a heart at peace or at war. Spot on.


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