Kate Nasser Keynote Footage: Passion for Customer Service

Do your customer service and sales teams truly have a passion for serving customers that produces memorable moments and customer loyalty?

In this keynote presentation, I take all your sales and customer service teams On the Road Again to discover The Geography of Customer Service.  America is a very diverse country and even Americans are not aware of the differences in customer service expectations between North, South, East, West, and Midwest. Understanding these differences and adapting your professional soft skills to map to the customers’ expectations produces success and customer loyalty.

To book Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach, for your next keynote on professional soft skills for customer service and sales, call or email her directly. Contact info is on this website.  Feel free to leave your comments about this footage in the comments section below.

Keynote delivered at the 10th Annual Signature Customer Service Conference in America. Footage shot by Cid Hunter, www.itvproductions.com, Los Angeles, CA.

One Response to “Kate Nasser Keynote Footage: Passion for Customer Service”

  1. Kate Nasser says:

    I checked out some of your videos on the website. loved what I saw. Let me know if/when you are speaking in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas or Boise Idaho. Even Seatle, San Francisco are short flights from SLC.
    Julie (With Permission)

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