Key Customer Service Moments: Leaders, How Well Do Your Teams Handle These?

When we think of key customer service moments, we often picture upset customers. Or course, it is critical that we know how to interact with them, relieve their burden, and solve their problem. Yet, leaders and teams often overlook other key customer service moments that test their excellence. So instead of overlooking these other tough moments, discuss how to overcome the obstacles to deliver excellent customer experience.

Key Customer Service Moments: Image is analog clock with no hands.

Leaders, How well do your teams handle these key customer service moments? Image by grace_kat via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by grace_kat via Flickr Creative Commons License.

These Key Customer Service Moments Test Your Excellence!

    When customers are …

  1. Upset, angry or even irate. Knowing how to deal with this professionally is not inborn. Give your teams insight and training and watch them handle these moments with care and confidence!

  2. When your teams …

  3. Are under time pressures. Check your metrics. Are you creating unreasonable time pressures that make it difficult for your teams to be patient and caring with customers? If the answer is no, find out what other time pressures may be at play.

  4. Are not feeling well mentally or physically. Customers never know why teams are treating them badly. Even if team members are not feeling good, customers will think that service teams just don’t care.

  5. Hate their work. Apathetic, demoralized, discontented service teams will not deliver great service. Make sure you are leading morale and inspiring teams to soar!

  6. When you as leaders and managers are …

  7. Not clearing the obstacles that only you can clear. For example, remove the silos between teams that otherwise stop them from serving customers well. Get them access to information they need to answer customers’ questions. Make sure they have the same information that customers see online.

Leadership: Key Customer Service Moments

Leaders, the challenge of excellence is consistency but not robotic repetition. To achieve this, you must lead high morale and collaborate with your teams. Instead of going through the above checklist and scoring them on it, ask them to assess which items on the checklist are weighing them down. Get their ideas on what they will do differently and what they need from you. Collaboration and collaborative coaching will inspire and sustain your teams in service excellence.

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