Lasting Effects of Rabid Emotionally Charged Leadership

Rabid Emotionally Charged Leadership: The Long Term Effects

Many leaders would not admit to a rabid emotionally charged leadership style. Yet there are leaders who use it and others who are tempted to try it. If you are tempted, first consider the disastrous lasting effects before trying this take no prisoners leadership approach.

Rabid Emotionally Charged Leadership: Image is rusty heart w/ jagged teeth.

Lasting Effects of Rabid Emotionally Charged Leadership. Image by Mary Anne Enriquez via Flickr.

Image by Mary Anne Enriquez via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Lasting Effects of Rabid Emotionally Charged Leadership

A rabid emotionally charged leadership style is unpredictable, aggressive, intimidating, sometimes punitive, and disrespectful to others. Meanwhile it demands respect from the disrespected. (Good luck with that one!) It brings some people along yet it distances others. The results are sporadic and the lasting effects divisive.

Leaders who use this style wonder why many can’t bounce back from the disrespect and aggression. They blame these people for being too sensitive or holding a grudge. They question the disrespected’s ability to think clearly. Meanwhile these leaders continue to show their total lack of emotional intelligence. They are blind to the lasting effects of their rabid emotionally charged leadership style.

  • Feeling abused and scarred

  • Feeling mistrustful

  • Feeling conquered

  • Feeling oppressed

  • Feeling unheard and unrepresented

  • Feeling worthless

Those feelings also spread throughout the organization. Teammates feel mistrustful and disconnected from the other teammates who were either in support of or at least accepting of the rabid aggressive leadership behavior. People witnessed this effect after the Presidential election of 2016. Many were surprised that the election permanently split family relationships. Yet when you review the rabid emotionally charged leadership campaign approach of the winner, the lasting effects are not at all surprising. The scars don’t heal. People walk away from those who help any aggressor ascend to power.

Doomed Leadership

Which is why this leadership style is doomed in the end. It is based on the mistaken assumption that everyone will heal and will follow along. Wrong. This rabid emotionally charged leadership style can help some to get a leadership title and position. Why? Because the supporters see the semblance of strength from a safe distance. Yet as that style runs over them, they too will get up (if they can) and eventually walk away from the leader.

If you are leading a team, a company, a state, or a nation, use these 18 behaviors of respected well-liked leaders instead of a rabid emotionally charged leadership style. They ignite greatness without leaving scars.

How have aggressive uncaring leaders affected you? What advice would you give them now?

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Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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4 Responses to “Lasting Effects of Rabid Emotionally Charged Leadership”

  1. Jesse Stoner says:

    Clear, crisp, and on-target! Beyond one’s political views, the election to the highest office of a leader who does not exemplify any of the qualities of successful leaders is alarming. I applaud your taking a stand and calling this out.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Thank you Jesse. I was compelled to speak for the very reason you noted — leaders must exemplify great leadership qualities — and when they don’t it wreaks havoc in the end.

      Many thanks for adding your voice to this discussion.

  2. Khalid says:

    Hi Kate,

    I would like to congratulate you for your writing style. Away from politics and have a sounding effect on the current situation.


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Very grateful Khalid for your feedback on my contribution. Writing this post gave me hope that we all learn from every moment in life and make all the future moments better.

      Best and warmest wishes,

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