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Lead Smartly: Reject Dumb Denials & Lead Change!

Successful leaders use courage, IQ, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence (EQ) to lead smartly. Their beliefs and actions are markedly different from others. Most especially, they seek the truth even when it is uncomfortable! They reject dumb denials that trap others in the status quo and inaction.

Lead Smartly: Image is May Angelou quote Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue consistently.

Lead Smartly: Dumb Denials Smart Leaders Reject. Image by Rachel via Flickr.

Grateful for image by Rachel via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Lead Smartly: 5 Dumb Denials Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Reject

Behind each of these mistaken beliefs, is a dumb denial that sink many leaders. Don’t get trapped. Reject these dumb denials and lead smartly!

  1. If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. Truly absurd.

    It wipes out all sorts of experience, intuition, information etc… Overly cautious leaders deny the truth — that much exists even when we can’t measure it. Smart leaders live in the truth. They don’t deny it. They have the courage to lead smartly from many sources.

  2. No news is good news. Truly dangerous.

    It limits valuable communication to negative announcements and problem solving. Leaders who shy away from showing appreciation, from recognizing talents, and from communicating well, leave untapped potential and morale on the floor. When these leaders speak only the bad news, performance suffers. Smart leaders inspire and engage with communication. They build their influence through relationships.

  3. People skills are inborn. Truly short-sighted.

    When leaders live this belief, they are denying the diversity that challenges human interaction. It takes people skills training to have people stay productive with others. Engaging leaders make time for their teams’ people skills development, especially for team building and how to work through conflict.

  4. Arrogance is a sign of confidence. It inspires others and produces great results. Truly dumb.

    Arrogance is not confidence. It doesn’t inspire teammates. It annoys them and drives them away. It disrespects others and reduces collaboration. The truth is that confidence is rooted in continuous learning. It prevents arrogance from taking root. Smart leaders address the stifling behavior of arrogant employees even if it’s uncomfortable.

  5. Emotion is unproductive. Truly out-of-date.

    Smart leaders tap emotion to lead smartly, encourage innovation, and spearhead change. They don’t label it as unproductive. They tap employee passion — a form of emotion — to ignite the talents the company hired. They show appreciation — a form of emotion — to increase commitment and reduce complaints. They give empathy when teams are struggling and encouragement to help them over the obstacles. Conversely, leaders who deny the value of emotion look weak and antiquated.

Step out of the comfort of denial and lead smartly. Inspire people with your emotional intelligence, vision, and willingness to handle the tough moments. It shows just how much you believe in what you are leading. If you don’t, why should they?

What other dumb denials hold leaders & teams back?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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6 Responses to “Lead Smartly: 5 Dumb Denials Smart Leaders Reject | #Leadership”

  1. Khalid says:

    Very nice post as usual Kate 🙂

    I have one additional dumb denial… If it isn’t broken… Don’t fix it…

    This type of denail encourage others to stay the way they are and never think to move ahead. This is a famous term in IT. We are faced with some resistance from end users when we come to upgrade their software. The fear from the unknown and the lose of effort they gained mastering what they have blind them from all the new features within the new software. It takes a REAL LEADER to move people through CHANGE and explain what is in it for them and not just the sake of change.


    • Kate Nasser says:

      BAM Khalid — great addition! So very true of human nature and of IT orgs. and their clients. Many thanks for once again offering a particular example to further illustrate the blog’s message.


  2. Alli Polin says:

    These are all spot on, Kate! I can remember years ago when I worked for a big consulting firm a survey categorized our employees as “arrogant” and far too may people took that as a compliment. Crazy!

    I’d add, “It is what it is.” Really? There are absolutely no other options? To me, that’s often a sign of resignation instead of smart leadership. If a leader is going to be defeated, the team will follow. Yes, there are times that the facts tell a story, but that’s time to get creative, not give up.

    Thanks, Kate!

    ~ Alli

    • Kate Nasser says:

      I love your #7 Alli — “It is what it is.” That one is the ultimate in the status quo trap. No changes aloud — really? And as for the arrogant story — I’m still scratching my head on that one.

      Thanks so much for expanding this discussion.

      Warm regards,

  3. Nicole Levac says:

    Really loved this post Kate Nasser. You hit so many points and I love #6 and #7. I was going to mention the #6 myself. I can add another one that as a solopreneur, I hear often.
    ‘If you have no formal education, it has no value’ this one diminishes the contribution of experience that can be brought to a team.
    Great post as always,

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Very good addition Nicole! Formal education has value yet so does experience, intuition, natural talent, learning and more.

      Many thanks for bringing this issue to the table. It affects as you solopreneurs AND employees. It’s way past time for employers to see the true value of natural talent, passion, and experience in many fields.


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