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Leaders, lead these positive interactions to lead morale. Don’t let the myth that morale is beyond your control drive you to overlook it and forget it. Leading morale is essential because if you’re not leading morale, you’re not leading anyone. So lead these positive interactions!

Lead These Positive Interactions: Image is people in workplace with hands joined in middle of table.

Lead These Positive Interactions to Lead Morale. Image licensed via 123RF.com

Image licensed via 123RF.com

Lead These Positive Interactions to Lead Morale

From first impressions, to daily routine, to very tough moments, leading very positive interactions builds and sustains high morale.

    Focus Your Leading Morale on These Positive Interactions …

  1. Welcoming new employees & team members. Go beyond hello, here’s your office, and sign these forms. Let new team members feel the support of your positive high morale culture the moment they walk in.

  2. Showing basic respect for all. Give team members basic human respect at the start instead of doubting their value until they’ve been there for awhile. Basic respect affords human dignity and that is critical to leading morale.

  3. Discovering personality types and work styles. Team and their morale flourish when leaders and team members understand each other’s natural tendencies. Instead of labeling people based on your preferences, discover who you are leading and bring them together.

  4. Celebrating individual talents. Don’t give in to the fear that this undermines teamwork. Honor individual talent and show how it contributes to team success.

  5. Daily invitations to collaborate. Morale is not an event like pizza for lunch or donuts on Fridays. It is the collective daily spirit to achieve. Invite collaboration in the daily routine and you lead morale.

  6. Sharing your leadership view without dictating or micromanaging. As you empower team members, don’t abandon them by withholding your perspective. Make it clear they are welcome to approach you for input and in sight!

  7. Listening excellence. Improve your active listening skills and offer listening skills training to everyone. The training is fun and enlightening and it pays off! Great listening reduces assumptions, lessens maverick behavior, develops empathy, and builds tremendous trust.

  8. Removing unconscious bias. Morale is all about respect and dignity and bias destroys both. Open discussion about unconscious bias. Tap outside experts to help you all uncover and remove yours. Remove bias and watch morale soar.

  9. Preventing Needless Friction & Resolving Conflict

  10. Defining what it means to be a great team member. Have team members be specific about daily behaviors and difficult moment actions they all expect from each other. This prevents needless friction and creates tremendous accountability.

  11. Holding conflict resolution training. Train all teams on how to disagree without being disagreeable. Moreover, have them participate in conflict resolution interactions. So many leaders don’t do this and it cripples teams with lack of people skills.

And of course, behind all of your positive leading morale efforts must be a positive can-do attitude. Leaders who believe that their leading morale matters, see the kind of high team performance that other leaders think impossible. Every word you utter, every action you take every day must say, “You matter, we all matter, and we can do great things together!” Lead these positive interactions and you lead high morale.

So, what success have you had in leading morale? Share your story here!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Lead These Positive Interactions to Lead Morale | #Leadership #PeopleSkills”

  1. Alli Polin says:

    Looking back over my career, my favorite leaders I worked for weren’t the ones who led to the work plan flawlessly. They also weren’t the ones who taught me the most about EBITDA. The ones I admired the most and learned the most from were the ones who were leading morale. Such an important message, Kate! Happy to help spread it!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Hi Alli,
      I am always interested to hear your insights on my posts. In this case, what I found most telling was that you say the leaders you most “admired AND learned from” were those that led morale. Many people say they admire those that lead morale — understandably so. Yet many also put that “feel good” issue in a separate column and rank it lower than learning and results. You connected all of them. Spot on!!

      Many thanks,

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