Leaders, Realizing & Mentoring Someone’s Dream

With ONE Simple Question!

Leaders, managers, investors, parents, and coaches, are often realizing and mentoring someone’s big dream.

The bigger and more outlandish the dream, the greater the disbelief and concern.  This doubt can produce unhelpful reactions like “what are you thinking” or “it sounds too risky”.

Yet there is ONE simple question that powers success with both inspiration and practicality.

Realizing & Mentoring Another's Dream With ONE Simple Powerful Question Image: KLW Photo

The ONE Simple Question

“What do you picture?”

This questions powers positive inquiry, broader and deeper perspective, dialogue, and research. It unearths understanding of:

  1. What does the dreamer think it will take to make the dream a reality?
  2. How complete or accurate is that picture?
  3. What strengths and how much endurance does the dreamer have?
  4. What obstacles does the dreamer foresee – internal and external?
  5. How will the dreamer handle missteps and mistakes – psychologically and practically?
  6. What help, truly, does the dreamer expect?

What do you picture is a far better question that what is your plan? The latter requires great foresight of details at the start yet doesn’t assess the dreamer’s true readiness.

For leaders and managers with a tough career slot to fill, knowing the applicant’s vision of that job is critical to a successful decision.

For parents with wide-eyed teenagers or high achieving college students, asking what do you picture encourages them to consider their dream more deeply without killing their spirit.

For investors in new inventions, knowing how the inventor thinks and pictures the future will affect the win or lose.

For coaches, this one simple question — what do you picture sets up a positive non-directive dialogue with those they coach.

There will be time for plans and details. Yet if you skip the picture and go right to the plan, the plan will be incomplete. It will lack success factors that are found within the dreamer not within the plan.

Have you tried this question — what do you picture? What was the result and response?

From my experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach

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