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Leaders and teams succeed far more when they develop empathy not envy. Feeling envious does not move us forward. In fact, it takes us off focus. Yet if we develop empathy, we find connections and momentum we never had before.

Develop Empathy Not Envy: Image is Mini blinds half open & people behind it

Leadership & Teamwork: Develop Empathy Not Envy! Image by Colin Poellot

Image by Colin Poellot via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Why Develop Empathy Not Envy

Envy is something we experience from the sidelines. It gives us incomplete and false information.

Develop empathy not envy: Image is pictoquote about envy is from the shadows.

Develop empathy not envy.

On the other hand, empathy is connected to others. We can see the truth about how they achieve. We can also unearth how we can help each other. Instead of the blur that envy creates, empathy builds our future.

Develop empathy not envy: Quote from Margaret Thatcher "Envy can destroy it can never build."

The spirit of envy can destroy; it can never build. ~Margaret Thatcher

Why Leaders & Teams Veer Toward Envy

Leaders and teams veer off course toward envy to compete with those they envy. In other words, to create a sense of competition to work harder. After all, envy stems from comparison. Yet, how can we make a valid comparison when we know very little about how they got there?

Develop Empathy to Expand Our Own Success

  • Empathy prevents arrogance that would otherwise stop our growth.

  • It builds bonds of mutual help and support.

  • Empathy prevents tunnel vision and bad decisions.

  • A leader’s empathy inspires and leads morale for great results.

  • Empathy keeps us in touch with reality and working toward our own success. In other words, it stops us from the trap of envying others.

“Envy is the lack of self-appreciation.” ~ Elizabeth O’Connor

“Empathy is the connection that leads to new roads.” ~ Kate Nasser

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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