Leadership Agility: Consistency & Agility Are NOT Enemies

Leadership Agility Remember: Consistency & Agility Are NOT Enemies

Leaders, when you think of agility do you picture inconsistent results? Perhaps you picture lack of logic, erratic changes, and confusion. If yes, you may well be thinking that consistency and agility are opposites — even enemies. They aren’t. Yet thinking they are can be the enemy of your enterprise’s success.

Leadership Agility: Image is a slinky.

Leadership Agililty: Consistency & Agility Are NOT Enemies. Image by Tim Ebbs via Flickr.

Image by Ma Tim Ebbs via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Leadership Agility: Consistency & Agility Are Not Enemies

How do managers and leaders go astray? They often mistake consistency for constancy (everything staying the same) or uniformity (everyone and everything being the same). Then they see leadership agility and consistency as opposites, even enemies.

Business conditions change. Customers’ needs change. Business goals change. Workforce trends change. Keeping everything in the business the same — constant and uniform — is enterprise suicide.

Leadership agility fosters consistent success by …

  • Consistently communicating in a clear way
  • Consistently engaging employees ideas
  • Consistently encouraging innovation
  • Consistently igniting collaboration & thinking
  • Consistently creating high quality results

Leaders surrender leadership agility to constancy and uniformity because …

  1. Agility and change feel uncertain
  2. It is easier to reproduce the known than to create the unknown
  3. Constancy and status quo feel less risky
  4. Uniformity is easier to measure


Keep leadership agility alive in everyday ways:

  • Seek different views.
  • Uncover status quo assumptions with excellent questions.
  • Replace the statement “the process is” with the intelligent question “how does the process apply here and how should we change it?”
  • Don’t put a process in place to deal with an immature workforce. Processes won’t make them mature or create success. Engage them, teach them, ignite their thinking. Processes can’t replace the success of thinking.

Leadership agility creates consistency of success. Never confuse it with constancy and uniformity.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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