Leadership Attack Responses: Smart Effective Options

Leadership Attack Responses: 5 Smart Effective Options

Leaders, when you are verbally attacked, how do you respond? Do you see your response options or automatically attack back?

Always attacking back paints you as a harsh, insecure, one dimensional leader. Go deeper and further with these diverse leadership attack responses.

Leadership Attack Responses: Image is round blue lights and one red one in the middle.

Leadership Attack Responses: Smart Effective Options. Image by Matthewf01 via Flickr.

Image by Matthewf01 via Flickr Creative Commons License.

5 Smart Effective Leadership Attack Responses

  1. Critical thought based response. Great leaders think before they respond. Either quick thinking or longer analysis — they see the picture more clearly.

  2. Questioning/Listening. Great leaders often respond with questions. It puts the burden back on the attacker to think through their position. Leadership attack responses don’t always have to be statements.

  3. Awakening others. A series of “what if” questions is very persuasive. It catches the attackers off guard with conditions they hadn’t considered. Include this powerful option on your list of leadership attack responses.

  4. Silence/Pause. A silent pause can shift the power balance toward you. When considering your leadership attack responses, consider the power of the pause.

  5. Negotiation. Great leaders never see negotiation as capitulation. When your list of leadership attack responses includes negotiation, you tap the power of collaboration.

Benefits to leaders of using different leadership attack responses:

  • Less predictable when you don’t always punch back. You are less likely to be manipulated.
  • Increased inner strength. Controlling your trigger reactions increases self-confidence. Your emotional intelligence soars and shines.
  • Strong image vs. vindictive and harsh. Anyone can be vindictive. Strength is the standout. It builds tremendous respect.
  • Far more effective. Wiser responses to each situation breed greater success. Using the same response to each situation fuels failure.

Always punching back pushes people away from you. It screams “I’m afraid” not “I’m powerful.” Great leaders don’t need to push people away. They can lead anyone far and near!

Leaders, what other options are on your list of leadership attack responses?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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