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Leaders did you know that building trust can quiet egos and reduce conflict? Many books cover how to build trust and that is great. Yet not many connect the value of trust with quieting egos to improve teamwork. Whether you are an experienced leader taking on new team members or a new leader, build trust to quiet egos. It reduces conflict and improves productivity. Here’s why.

Quiet Egos: Image is calm boat on calm water.

Leaders, Build Trust to Quiet Egos & Create Better Teamwork. Image by Jo Paragas via Flickr Creative Commons License.

image by Jo Paragas via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Build Trust to Quiet Egos & Reduce Conflict

Egos get in the way of top-notch productive teamwork. They create static and noise that blocks collaboration. So leaders, build trust to quiet egos. Get rid of the static and watch the work flow!

    Why Building Trust Quiets Egos

  1. When people trust, they feel secure. This tells their egos, “relax, you are safe.” Now instead of dealing with egos, everyone can just work together.

  2. Trust makes it easy to give others the benefit of the doubt. Even in uncertainty, people can say, “It’s OK. Let’s see where this goes.”

  3. Trust creates a feeling of safety that draws people together in difficult times instead of splitting them apart. Productivity soars while egos remain still.

  4. Leaders’ trust in the team makes employees feel valued. This boosts team confidence. Egos don’t have to prove anything. They are at peace and everyone can work together.

  5. Trust that comes from knowing each other for a long time helps everyone know what others are thinking and doing. This kind of insight quiets egos and increases productivity.

Summary: Quiet Egos to Build Trust

Leaders, building trust is essential for success. Those you lead must know you and trust you in order to work with you. So, take steps to build & sustain trust among employees/team members. Otherwise egos will create noise every day and block the productivity you could otherwise achieve.

When did trust give you the boost to be more creative & productive?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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