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When we picture the chaos that unclear leaders create, we admit the true power of leadership clarity. Instead of taking leadership basics like clarity for granted, we once again realize how essential it is. In truth, leadership clarity fuels high performance. So what hidden obstacles stop leaders from being clear?

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Leadership Clarity: What Blocks It?

We know the common reasons that cause communication to be unclear to others. Using jargon, speaking purely from our own view, and never stopping for feedback, often top the list. Yet, there are some less common factors that cause leaders to be unclear.

    Leaders are unclear when they …

  1. Sidestep an uncomfortable truth to avoid conflict. When leaders are uncomfortable with what they must say, they sometimes dump their fear and discomfort on others through confusion. They are fooling no one and confusing everyone. It is far better to speak the truth so team members can determine next steps.

  2. Confuse abandonment for empowerment. Some leaders are so afraid of micro-managing that they withhold critical information and call this step empowerment. It isn’t. This creates confusion and needless struggle. It is much better to communicate important information so teams can work productively.

  3. Are unaware of their implicit bias. This is rooted in assumptions that create hidden bias. If others have told you as a leader that you are often unclear, ask them for examples. You will uncover some of your assumptions and hidden bias along the way.

  4. Delegate key communication without following up. If those that leaders delegate to are unclear when they speak, it’s all downhill from there.

  5. Delay communication or don’t communicate enough. Remember that communication needs to prevent confusion and that timing is a key element of that.


Never overlook how important leadership clarity is to those you lead. Go beyond the typical communication tips of never use jargon and ask for feedback. To fuel high performing teams, address the hidden forces that may cause you to be unclear. Especially when you are leading change, communicate frequently and very clearly. It is critical to success!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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