Leadership Diversity: The Powerful Want to Be Effect

Leadership Diversity: The Powerful Truth of the Want to Be Effect

It’s rare that leaders get to lead people who are exactly the same. It’s also rare that they lead people who are exactly like them. Leading different people — leadership diversity — is the norm. Yet leaders struggle with it. Leaders, make leadership diversity easier on yourselves by tapping the “want to be” effect.

Leadership Diversity: Image is picture of diverse people at meeting.

Leadership Diversity: The Wanna Be Effect. Image by NHSE via Flickr.

Image by NHSE via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Leadership Diversity: Inescapable Truth of the Want to Be

Leading people well means tapping into what they want to be.

Part One

  • Respected. Ways of showing respect vary by culture, personality type, and sometimes gender.

  • Valued/Appreciated. Learn what makes them feel valued and give them plenty of it. Taking people for granted doesn’t make them stronger. It makes them apathetic and resentful.

  • Given an equal opportunity. Leaders who know their own biases and overcome them, lead well. Else bias turns into favoritism. Resentments rise, leadership diversity suffers, and talent leaves.

Part Two – Being the Person/Leader They Want to Be Effect

Leadership in the public sector often presses a leader to be the model of who the citizens want to be. The larger the sector, the tougher it seems. You can’t be everything to everybody and still be authentic, right? Wrong. The answer is …

Be respectful of everyone and show them you care. It builds trust.

Instead of being a chameleon, live the core values of what everyone wants. Connect to them with individual respect and respond to their needs.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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