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Leaders, show your leadership gratitude to those you lead. Give employees these heartfelt thanks. It builds morale, team spirit, and increases performance.

Leadership Gratitude: Image is pictoquote about gratitude.

Leadership Gratitude: Give Employee These Heartfelt Thanks!

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Leadership Gratitude: Leaders, Give Employees These 11 Heartfelt Thanks

  1. Contributing all their natural talents

  2. Committing fully to the organization

  3. Saying what is good, what needs fixing, and some possible solutions

  4. Meeting the deadlines with high quality work

  5. Their can-do attitudes in easy AND tough times

  6. Willingness to change and persistence to get there

  7. Giving you honest feedback especially when you are wrong

  8. Working through teamwork issues

  9. Supporting each other

  10. Further developing their skills

  11. Constantly learning and keeping the organization vital

To lead morale well, you must show your leadership gratitude. One of the key steps is to give employees specific thanks. Generic thank yous don’t connect deeply enough and fall short of leading morale. When leadership gratitude is specific, it gives that extra “you matter” message to employees. Show your leadership gratitude to employees. It builds and sustains morale.

Leadership Gratitude: Image is the list of 11.

Leadership Gratitude: Give Employees These 11 Heartfelt Thanks. Image by Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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