Use Leadership Gratitude Power to Engage Employees & Lead Morale

Leaders, are you using your leadership gratitude power to engage employees and lead morale? How often do you express gratitude to those you lead? Gratitude helps everyone see what is rather than what isn’t. ~ unknown Don’t fall into the trap of showing gratitude once a year on employee appreciation day. Gratitude changes everything if you lead with gratitude every day. Here’s why and how.

Leadership Gratitude Power: Image says Gratitude helps you see what's there instead of what isn't.

Are You Using Leadership Gratitude Power to Engage Employees & Lead Morale?

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Leaders, Do You Use Your Leadership Gratitude Power to Lead Morale?

Many leaders still ask me, why should I constantly show gratitude to my employees? They get a salary, benefits, vacation, and sick time. We all have a job to do and we should just do it. Well, that approach will get you minimum performance. Is that all you want from employees? Or do you want high morale, high performance, proactive thinking, creative ideas, and true commitment to reach the goals? When I ask leaders that, they start to see what gratitude really does.

  1. Highlights what good they’ve done beyond completing a task. This uplifts and engages employees to continue.

  2. Sustains their efforts and spirit as the rough road appears. Knowing that you, the leaders, are grateful buoys everyone.

  3. Creates a culture of gratitude among employees and this is a key factor in successful teams.

  4. Encourages employees to speak up with novel ideas. If they see you are grateful for these ideas they won’t fear stepping on your leadership toes.

  5. Meets people’s needs to belong and be appreciated. These are big drivers of morale.

Show Gratitude for Their …

  • Their unique talents. This combines recognition with leadership gratitude power.

  • Desire to learn. Lifelong learners are a boon to your leadership and results.

  • Having your back. Yes, you have their back yet thank them for having yours. It prevents surprises from derailing you all.

  • Efforts as well as results. Employee morale goes up when leaders show appreciation for employee efforts along the way to the end result.

  • For working through tough times with commitment and resilience.

Summary Tip: Keys to Showing Gratitude

Express gratitude in the moment and make it specific. Instead of saying thanks, say thanks for preparing all of this so quickly. Rather than waiting until the end of a week or a project, express gratitude in the moment. It consciously connects your gratitude to their actions. For more specifics on what to say thank you for, read Leaders, say thank you for these 11 employee actions.

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