Leadership Growth: Educate People Don’t Belittle Them #LeadershipDevelopment

Leaders, you show leadership growth when you abandon the old ways of leaving scars on those you lead. Many used to believe that this improved employees’ performance. Many still believe this. Yet, research has shown that educating, training, and coaching employees is the way to get top performance and morale. In other words, educate people, don’t belittle them. Here’s how.

Leadership Growth: Educate me don't belittle me.

Leadership Growth: Educate People, Don’t Belittle Them. ~ Proverb


Leadership Growth: Build Up Don’t Belittle!

Leaders, if you find yourself frustrated and lashing out at employees, stop! Listen to your words. Most likely you are belittling them. Moreover, you are showing just how bad a leader you are. Yes, it is human to feel frustrated. Yet, it gets you nowhere to show it. It is not leadership growth and it doesn’t produce business growth.

Here’s how to grow:

  1. Check your assumptions. If you are belittling employees, you are probably assuming they’re lazy or stupid. Otherwise, they would do better, right? Wrong! If you want them to do better, do better yourself. Push your assumptions aside. Find out what their obstacles really are.

  2. Know what you expect from them. Communicate what actions you want them to take instead of what they are doing. Then listen to what they need from you, if anything, to make it happen.

  3. Uncover barriers you don’t see. Are there problems getting info from other departments? Do your employees lack training? Belittling them won’t move you all forward; discovering the truth will.

  4. Ask them what behavior must you change for them to perform well. Your communication? Your availability? What?

  5. Have the team identify what areas of education and development they all need. Ask this individually as well. You may have hired with one picture in mind and now the organization has new directions and needs.

    Leadership Growth: Assess & Applaud

  6. Once you start to see improvement , applaud it. Then ask employees how they have accomplished it. You may uncover their ingenuity and drive not just hear a recap of what you all discussed.

Leadership Growth: Build Them Up, Don’t Belittle Them

Educate vs. belittle employees if you want growth and high performance. Discovering the obstacles and how to overcome them lifts everyone up. Belittling employees simply shows how low you are as a human and a leader.

What else does belittling employees do to them and the organization?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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