Leadership Inspiration Video: Leaders Are You a Buoy?

Leadership inspiration video: In this 2.5 minute short, capture the key to leading in the tough times of change or when teams are pressured to do more with less.

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Leadership Inspiration Video: Buoy

Leadership Inspiration Video: Leaders, Are You a Buoy?

Great leaders face this challenge by being a buoy of inspiration and balance. They turn rough currents into the currents that sustain and move everyone forward.

In this short leadership inspiration video, hear 3 steps to be a buoy and model buoyancy for every team member.

Leadership Inspiration Video: Are You a Buoy?

Be a Buoy; Model Buoyancy.

  • Be a Buoy Not the Buoy. Many leaders don’t want the organization tied to them. The organization should flourish without breeding dependency on them. To this end, they withhold inspiration thinking teams will discover their own. Inspiration doesn’t breed dependency. A leader’s inspiration is a buoy that teaches others how to be a buoy. It models buoyancy to sustain all in tough times.
  • Show respect to respect. Basic human respect is a buoyant force. Without it, teams sink. Great leaders show respect to respect and to everyone. It doesn’t coddle teams. It keeps them buoyant in rough currents. It includes honesty vs. bluntness and respect for diversity.
  • Maximize Positive Emotion. Kudos, appreciation, and can-do mindset teach everyone how to be buoys. Pessimists believe that this is sugar coating. They think it denies the truth and can lead to business failure. Not true. Positivity doesn’t rewrite the truth. It spotlights the positive truth to handle the negative truth. Be a buoy to sustain all in tough times.
  • Build Daily Practice into Buoyant Culture. Whatever behaviors people repeat become their culture. Learning vs. blaming creates a learning buoyant culture. Engaging vs. telling creates an empowered buoyant culture. Responsibility vs. entitlement creates a buoyant culture of shared leadership. Daily doses of inspiration vs. a just get-to-work approach creates a buoyant can do culture.
  • Celebrate Flexibility. One of the most maddening aspects of tough times is having to abandon one project or product to develop another. Committed team members feel a loss. Demoralized, they lose energy and productivity. Leaders can minimize and even prevent this effect. Model flexibility. It keeps productivity afloat in times of change. Stay buoyant!
  • Play Along the Way. Driver personality types find challenge fun and highly motivating. This isn’t true of every personality type on the team. Challenge to them feels like struggle. They achieve through other types of fun. Great leaders stimulate buoyancy through diverse play along the way.

Leaders, do you foresee rough currents ahead? Are you and your teams pressured to do more with less. Play this short leadership inspiration video for your teams each day. Discuss what you can all do to be buoys for each other. “Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything. ~Goethe

Contact me for more ideas, for Be a Buoy workshops, or for the one hour Be a Buoy keynote at your next big event.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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6 Responses to “Leadership Inspiration Video: Leaders Are You a Buoy?”

  1. Khalid says:

    Kudus Kate,

    That was a wonderful post! It’s amazing how much energy and passion you put into delivering the message… You gave this post life by presenting for those 2 mins. I urge you to include such vedios from now and then because they first let us see you 🙂 and second the message gets passed so clearly with your passion.

    You’ve been a fab coach so far by introducing the people skills chat and now by including such videos, you are on fire Kate 😉

    THANK YOU so much for your contribution to enhance my leadership skills through your creative posts. You are a clear buoy of inspiration. 🙂


    • Kate Nasser says:

      I am gratified by the detail in your comment Khalid. It is rare we can see ourselves as others see us. To know that the you see both passion and clarity is very valuable feedback.

      Warmest regards and thanks,

  2. Kate, I love your video and your passion for what you do. I will never think of a buoy in the same way.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Thanks so much Skip for your positive feedback on my video. I too love the image of a buoy and am grateful it makes a positive impression on you.

  3. Adam says:

    Great seeing you on video Kate — your enthusiasm is catching! Love the metaphor of the buoy and the idea of leaders making sure to not be the only one.

    Looking forward to more videos!

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