Leadership Lesson to Lead Change: Speak Obvious Truths! #LeadMorale

Beyond the classic wisdom on leading change, here is a leadership lesson to boost momentum. I have used it many times when I lead change workshops with in-house leaders and their teams. And the good news is this leadership lesson is powerful and simple to use. You can do it right now to trigger important AHA moments with those who resist the change you are leading.

Powerful Leadership Lesson: Image is sign saying Today's Lesson

Simple powerful leadership lesson. Image licensed via 123RF.com

Image licensed via 123RF.com

Simple Powerful Leadership Lesson to Lead Change

Leaders, you are always leading change — small changes and large changes. Your everyday work is about today’s changes to reach tomorrow’s goals. Yet, admittedly, some changes trigger more resistance among those you lead. It’s frustrating for you and for those employees who want to see change.

So, what can you do to trigger AHA moments in those who are resisting the change?

“Call out the obvious and highlight universal truths.”

Leadership Lesson – Example #1

Some people ask questions to prove the change can’t happen. In this moment, what should you as leaders do? Well, when leading change, inviting questions is a good thing. Questions will show you where you’ve been clear and unclear about the change. Yet, some employees will ask questions to stop the change from happening.

I witnessed this first-hand in a corporate meeting. One employee did exactly that to the leader. When it was my turn (as the change consultant) to deliver part of the program, the employee did the same thing to me. Instead of ignoring it as the leader had done, I stopped and said to the employee, “This is interesting. Some people ask questions to move forward with the change. You ask questions to stop the change.” He paused, looked at me, and said, yes! This was the AHA moment for everyone else in the room.

His agenda was now clear. Now the leader and teammates could deal with this obvious truth. The leader responded very clearly to this employee that the change was not only possible, but inevitable. This boosted the momentum and the meeting became productive.

Example #2

In this video, I share another example of this powerful leadership lesson — speak the obvious and highlight universal truths.

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Two examples of boosting momentum when leading change.

Leading Change Summary

Don’t let hidden agendas and change resistance derail your leading change. Remember this simple and powerful leadership lesson: Speak the obvious and highlight universal truths to trigger AHA moments and move everyone forward.

What leadership lesson have you learned about leading change?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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