Leadership: Memorialize Employee Greatness When You See It! | #LeadMorale

To inspire and lead morale, memorialize employee greatness when you see it. Catch and record the moment instead of waiting for a performance review to share it. Here’s why and how!

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Memorialize Employee Greatness As Soon As You See It!

Leaders and managers, employees show their greatness in surprising spurts. It can happen at any moment. What do you do with this serendipity? Highlight it to lead morale? Or take it for granted and move on to other challenges?

I see so many leaders and managers waste chance after chance to memorialize employee greatness in the moment. How unfortunate! They are squandering the opportunities to:

  • Reinforce the talent and amplify its reach

  • Appreciate and recognize the greatness to sustain it

  • Capture the details for written performance reviews

  • Lead morale

How to Spot & Capture Their Greatness

  1. Speak it right away. When you see flashes of brilliance, recognize it. Employees thrive when you recognize their natural greatness.

  2. Connect it to the goal at hand. It’s one thing to say “that’s great” to an employee. It’s even better to highlight why it’s great. It spurs employees to honor each other in group success.

  3. Write it down. Create a greatness file. Fill it every day w/ snippets that memorialize the greatness you’ve seen. These notes make doing performance reviews easier and far more productive! (To create a culture of greatness, go further and create a greatness board that you and employees use to memorialize greatness in full view.)

If you find yourself struggling to spot greatness, use this list of 25 natural employee talents to sharpen your vision.

Remember it’s far more valuable to memorialize employee greatness in the moment than to wonder why they are leaving to work someplace else!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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  1. Terri Klass says:

    Great tips Kate for leaders to seize moments when our team members succeed. Thanks so much for sharing them.

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