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Leaders, are you making a needless leadership people skills mistake? Are you mislabeling high volume communicators as nervous because you don’t like the volume of questions they ask? Although this may seem like a harmless mistake to you, it isn’t. It’s harmful. It creates the following trouble for you and the organization.

Leadership People Skills Mistake: Image is face image of just eyes and eyebrows.

Leadership People Skills Mistake: Do You Mislabel High Communicators as Nervous? Image by Lucia Sanchez via Flickr.

Image by Lucia Sanchez via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Are You Making This Leadership People Skills Mistake?

When you make the leadership people skills mistake of mislabeling high volume communicators as nervous, you …

  • Demoralize and anger those you target.

  • Ignore the potential business risks that high volume communicators are raising.

  • Create a please the leader culture vs. a results-oriented one.

  • Silence employees and their contributions.

  • Make yourself look like a weak leader as you fail to communicate the business needs vs. what you don’t like.

The Alternative

Leaders, instead of mislabeling high volume communicators as nervous, consider what the truth may be.

High Volume Communicators …

  • May be Expressives on the personality social style scale. In other words, it’s as natural for them to communicate a lot as it is for other types to communicate less.

  • Are trying to clarify what you left unclear.

  • Are high achievers who go at tasks with full energy.

  • Think of issues that you don’t and so they ask more questions.


Communication is the lifeblood of a successful organization. In fact, during the challenging times of change, lack of communication is the #2 reason why change efforts fail. Instead of demeaning high volume communicators as nervous, assess what value they bring. If needed, coach them in adapting their high volume communication style to other factors like timing, conciseness, and other people’s styles. This approach is far better than making a needless people skills mistake.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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  1. “Communication is the lifeblood of a successful organization”. This line added a great tool to my leadership toolkit to occupy the unconquered space in the minds of my followers.

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