Leadership #Peopleskills: Inspire Employees to Succeed Not Cling to You

Leadership People Skills: Inspire Employees to Inspire Themselves Further

Great leaders *don’t lift employees to new heights.

They inspire employees to lift themselves to new heights.

It’s a very important distinction in leadership.

Inspire employees to succeed and inspire each other.

Leadership #Peopleskills: Image is People Jumping

Leadership #Peopleskills: Inspire Others to Soar Not Cling Image by: Flying Pterodactyl

Grateful for image of people by Flying Pterodactyl via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Not cling to you!

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Leadership #Peopleskills: Inspire to Soar Not Lean

Grateful for image of pumpkins by Sea turtle via Flickr Creative Commons License.

I recently posed the question to leaders: How do you feel when people look to you for a boost of inspiration?

Responses included …

  • Honored, inspired, and humbled. Some said that’s why I’m here!
  • Then some deeper truth emerged as some said: “Honored except with some employees who drown themselves in negativity, do nothing with the inspiration I offer, and expect me to be their crutch or backbone.”

Leadership: How to Be an Inspiration not a Crutch

  1. Ask the employees to inspire you! Leaders become a crutch when they do all the inspiring. The message they send to employees: “Inspiring is my responsibility.” There is no stronger way to get employees to inspire than to sometimes ask them to inspire you! It awakens their potential and opens the door for its appearance.

  2. Ensure you don’t undermine your inspiration with perfectionism. I have witnessed leaders that were visionary, upbeat, and inspirational who also demanded perfection in performance. In response many employees clung to the leader’s every word to avoid criticism and reach perfection in the leader’s eyes.

  3. Address persistently negative attitudes don’t try to convert them. Many leaders subconsciously blame themselves if their inspiration doesn’t reach everyone. They make it their mission to win these employees over. The error is that employees decide what their attitudes will be. Engage employees to resolve tangible issues that frustrate them. Be open to their ideas. Call on their positive attitude in those discussions to find solutions together. Unchecked negativity impacts team morale and performance. Each must choose to contribute a can-do attitude.

Leaders — especially those new to leadership — spend some quiet time defining your role in inspiration. Then have open discussions with your teams about their expectations. Many assume inspiration is the leader’s job until the leader broaches the subject.

You will be presently surprised at how they will participate in inspiration once you ask them AND how it ignites their own motivation.

Be a catalyst of inspiration not a crutch!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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