Leadership Reset: These Easy Feelings Are Not Truly Easy

Leadership Reset: Replace These Easy Feelings That Cause Trouble

When leaders fall into the trap of liking things easy, it’s time for a leadership reset. Easy feels good yet often it isn’t truly easy. Here are the easy feelings that can cause big trouble.

Leadership Reset: Image is hammock in a rainy woods.

Leadership Reset: These Feelings Are Not Truly Easy. Image by Greg via Flickr.

Image by Greg via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Leadership Reset: 5 Easy Feelings That Create Trouble

  1. Procrastination. Delaying feels easy. It replaces discomfort with comfort. Yet when leaders procrastinate, they create discomfort and trouble. Procrastination is lack of leadership — not an easy feeling for employees. Don’t procrastinate. Do a leadership reset. Show initiative and lead!

  2. Denial. Denial is a temporary escape to happiness. It relieves the panic of hearing trouble. Yet it crushes morale when leaders deny the truth. Picture employees reporting they’ve been sexually harassed. Leaders’ denial would come across as not believing them. The trouble that ensues is complex and far reaching. Replace denial with listening, learning, and action. It’s the power of a leadership reset.

  3. Conflict avoidance. This sidestep feels easy for awhile. Eventually it morphs into the panic of always running away. It becomes even more insidious when leaders mislabel avoidance as seeking peace. Seeking peace is not conflict avoidance. Great leaders face conflict and lead to achieve peace. They don’t avoid conflict and abandon those they lead.

  4. Black and white thinking. Absolutes feel easy. It removes the discomfort of ambiguity and perceived risk. Yet it is full of risk. Leadership is about helping everyone critically think through the grey areas to create clarity and results. Taking no action when things are grey or pretending everything is black and white, leaves employees hanging. It puts overall success at risk.

  5. Resisting change and growth. Staying the same feels super comfortable. It avoids the struggle of learning. It avoids the feeling of incompetence that comes with trying new things. Yet when leaders create a status quo culture, they lead everyone to irrelevance and possibly to extinction. Ignite a leadership reset — lead change.

Leadership is not easy. It’s not about feeling comfortable. It’s about serving others with courage. It’s about inspiring resilience. It’s about embracing the uneasy moments and discomfort to create success. The respect that leaders build comes from sacrificing their own comfort and engaging others for the greater good.

What other easy feelings that create unforeseen trouble would you add to this list?

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Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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