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Leaders with healthy self-esteem engage employees and create powerful leadership results. Unlike insecure leaders, these leaders are emotionally intelligent. They are comfortable with themselves and happily honor others.

Powerful Leadership Results of Liking Yourself: Image is wooden plaque with exes and os.

Powerful Leadership Results of Liking Yourself. Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr.

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Leadership Results of Leaders Who Like Themselves

Picture self-assured leaders with good self-esteem. Why do they produce outstanding leadership results? Because they …

  1. Don’t seek constant approval. Their focus is on inspiring and engaging others. It works!

  2. Are secure enough to be vulnerable, humble, and constantly learn. They engage others to do the same. The leadership results are high performing teams who continuously learn and grow.

  3. Are not petty. They help everyone rise above petty annoyances and focus on important challenges.

  4. Don’t expect people to make them happy. As a result, employees can focus on achieving the goals not on pleasing them.

  5. Don’t run or hide from tough conversations. They address the bad behavior of team members who slack off or look down on teammates. This preserves great teamwork. As these leaders stand up to other leaders in non-cooperative departments, they help teams bring down silos and build cross-teamwork. All of this creates great leadership results.

Leaders, Strengthen Your Self-Esteem & You Strengthen Leadership Results!

Since you won’t spend time proving your self-worth, you will easily treat others with respect and dignity. You will speak the truth without insulting others. As a result, you won’t create scars that undermine contribution. To sum it up, you will inspire employees instead of beating them up. With great self-esteem, you will appreciate talents, applaud efforts, encourage learning, and breed great results.

Leaders who basically like themselves create powerful leadership results.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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4 Responses to “Leadership Results of Leaders Who Like Themselves | #LeadMorale”

  1. Hi Kate, great post.

  2. Alli Polin says:

    Right on, Kate! Strong positive self-esteem starts in childhood and it takes more than getting elected student representative. Parents and teachers need to work together to teach that helping others rise helps each of us rise too. You’ve consistently helped to promote an anti-bullying message and those who like themselves also show appreciation and respect for others.

    Thanks, Kate! Will share!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Thanks for expanding this discussion Alli for everyone to reflect on how self-esteem and liking ourselves starts very early on.

      Warmest thanks,

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