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Leaders, do you know how to reduce jealousy in the workplace? Or do you think it’s not your job? Many leaders think jealousy doesn’t really matter. Some close their eyes to it. Others dismiss it with demeaning comments like, “Oh, you’re just jealous.” Yet jealousy does matter because it reduces morale and performance.

Picture jealous employees and teammates. Do they look and act inspired? Are they collaborating and reaching goals? Not likely. Therefore, follow these leadership steps to reduce jealousy and increase performance.

Reduce Jealousy: Image is one employee look mistrustful of another.

Leadership Steps to Reduce Jealousy and Increase Performance. Image licensed from 123RD.com

Image licensed via 123RF.com.

Leadership Steps to Reduce Jealousy and Increase Performance

  1. Accept that jealousy reduces performance. It doesn’t make people work harder. Jealousy is a panicky, painful sense of loss that drives people to undermine each other and performance. It creates anger, mistrust and demoralizes. It doesn’t inspire.

  2. Learn how to spot jealousy. You will find it in cliques that exclude others. It is present when you praise an employee and others are silent. Jealousy is there when you hear gossip about others. It’s there when people shut out a new hire. All of this lowers performance.

  3. Filter out your bias about jealousy. Some believe it applies mostly to women and rarely to men. Not true. Others believe that reducing jealousy isn’t a leadership responsibility. They pass it off to team leaders or the HR department to handle. Yet, jealousy is a toxin that spreads through every interaction. Treating it as an isolated behavior that someone else should address won’t help.

  4. Reduce Jealousy: Image is a sign that says Jealousy Warning.

    Leaders, reduce jealousy among employees or watch performance tank. Image licensed via 123RF.com.

    Image licensed via 123RF.com.

    And remember to …

  5. Recognize and celebrate all talents. You will reduce jealousy as you help others realize their true value. To help you get started, here is a list of 25 talents to recognize and celebrate. Remember, when people have healthy pride in their abilities, they don’t feel jealous of others.

  6. Make it easier to collaborate. Collaboration gets everyone to share and appreciate talents. This strengthens respect and trust and reduces jealousy. Yet most employee performance plans focus on individual performance. Make collaboration a part of performance plans and you help reduce jealousy.

  7. Show appreciation to employees and employees will do it too. Model how to do it. When you speak to employees, show appreciation for their effort and contributions. Even when you must give corrective feedback, never disdain or demean them. When people feel dignity from their leader, they will more likely appreciate each other.

Reduce Jealousy & Create a You Matter Culture!

To reduce jealousy among employees, show everyone that they matter. Treat them with dignity, respect, and appreciation. Include respecting each other’s talents in the definition of great teamwork. Include it in performance evaluations. People live what they practice and what they are rewarded for.

Do you want assistance to lead morale and reduce jealousy among those you lead? I can help you!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Leadership Steps to Reduce Jealousy & Increase Performance | #LeadMorale”

  1. Jealousy badly effects the Wellbeing of an organization by creating heart burning. Outside is calm but fire burning inside. Change in Intentions decrease productivity. For failure of others employees spend time in unproductive activities. Wise leadership is responsible to recognize and resolve such bad effects. Being the head of HR team, I have worked on this issue. Showing affection employees respond and open their hearts. Providing listening ears jealousy maybe eliminated.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Hi Farrukh,
      What great imagery you create when you say “Outside is calm but fire burning inside. Change in intentions decreases productivity.”

      Employees do response very well when we treat them with professional affection, dignity, and respect.

      Thank you so much for expanding this discussion with your first hand insights.

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