Leadership Tunnel: The Need to Be Right Leads Nowhere

Leaders, overcome the need to be right or you’ll find yourself in a leadership tunnel alone going nowhere. Then what?

Leadership Tunnel: Image is round tunnel image w/ shadow of a stick figure.

Leadership Tunnel: Need to Be Right Leads Nowhere Good. Image by coolnamestaken via Flickr.

Image by coolnamestaken via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Need to Be Right Takes You to Lonely Leadership Tunnel

Picture yourself in a leadership tunnel all by yourself. You wonder how did I get here? Why don’t the people I lead engage and contribute?

Then ask yourself, do I act as if I am always right? Do I …

  • Talk far more than I ask or listen?

  • Find something to correct in almost everything others say?

  • Criticize little details instead of honoring people’s main message?

  • Restate other people’s ideas as if they are mine?

  • Tell others my ways are more knowledgeable, logical, or profitable?

Well that’s how you got into the leadership tunnel. Why do people disengage from these know-it-all behaviors?

Human Reasons You End Up Alone in a Leadership Tunnel

  1. Your know-it-all ways say “I matter, you don’t.”

  2. You block people’s contributions and their associated psychological happiness.

  3. You seem adolescent and immature. Why would they engage with you?

  4. Your lack of empathy chills the desire to connect with you.

  5. They picture emotionally intelligent leadership and “you ain’t it.”

  6. Your lack of listening creates problems they must endure or solve.

  7. They don’t want your know-it-all ways to taint their professional reputation. “You are who you associate with.”

  8. They tire of constantly caring for your emotional insecurity.

  9. Simply put, you annoy them a lot!

Avoid the Leadership Tunnel!

Leadership Tunnel: Maya Angelou Quote We Are Only As Blind As We Want to Be.

Avoid the Leadership Tunnel. We are only as blind as we want to be. ~Maya Angelou”

Share what you do know and learn what you don’t. This oozes confidence. It honors others. You will engage everyone through your openness. You will inspire them with your curiosity, honor them with your humility, and earn their respect and gratitude.

Here are 5 ways humility makes you stronger & engages others!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Leadership Tunnel: The Need to Be Right Leads Nowhere”

  1. Alli Polin says:

    I’m facilitating a workshop for future leaders and your post is exactly in alignment with what I want them to understand. One of the questions I pose is: “Are you a leader if you know the answer to a question, but instead of sharing it, you decide to critique everyone else’s answers instead?” My hope is that the message you present here will be heard by today’s leaders and aspiring leaders. Nobody wants to be marching forward in a tunnel to nowhere… alone.

    Spot on message, Kate!


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