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Leadership Vitality: Be Agile Not Erratic

To succeed, leaders and their teams must be agile. Agility is the ability to adapt quickly and still perform skillfully. Agility is action with a purpose. It isn’t random and unpredictable.

Some leaders confuse being agile with being erratic and this has dire consequences. Erratic is random and wild. It lacks purpose and thought. Erratic creates chaos and slows employees down. It crushes leadership vitality and success.

Are you agile or erratic? What would your employees say?

Leadership Vitality Be Agile Not Erratic: Image is person going wild on a swing.

Leadership Vitality: Be Agile Not Erratic. Image by Jenene Chesbrough via Flickr.

Image by Jenene Chesbrough via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Leadership Vitality: Agile vs. Erratic

When leaders tap me to address morale and employee engagement, I first look at their leadership behaviors. Are they exhibiting wild swings in beliefs and positions? Do they have employees jumping from one task to the next? Do they descend into volatile outbursts? This is not leadership vitality nor agility. It is unpredictable erratic behavior that crushes morale, innovation, and success.

Do you think you are agile when in truth you are erratic?

  • You make frequent shifts in position and vision.
  • Your every move has shock value.
  • Your outbursts are random — especially negative ones.
  • Employees start to wonder if you are “all there”.

Leadership Vitality: Not by Pushing Random Change

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that pushing people with random change builds agility. It doesn’t. It makes them jumpy not skillful. Agility starts in the mind and has reason, intention, and goal. It isn’t erratic, random, and unpredictable.

When leaders are erratic they:

  • Rattle employees and undermine skillful work
  • Slow completion of tasks as employees spend time sorting through the confusion
  • Overwhelm and demoralize employees
  • Fuel employee hopelessness that they won’t reach any goal
  • Drive away employees who see erratic as irrational and scary
  • Devalue clear thinking, facts, logic, intuition, and insight

Being Erratic Creates Power Struggles

Being erratic also creates power struggles as people try to make order out of chaos. It can give rise to chameleons who make people feel safe by telling them whatever they want to hear. No aspect of being erratic creates success.

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Developing Leadership Agility

To develop agility, seek alternate views. Uncover and replace habits and status quo thinking. Replace statements like “the process is” with questions like “how and what do we change to meet these goals?” Agility starts with purposeful nimble thinking that becomes quick skillful action. It is not randomly jumping from one idea to the next.

Be agile not erratic. Your leadership vitality and business success depends on it!

How do erratic leaders & teammates affect you?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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