Leverage Twitter for Learning: New Grads, Leaders, Business

Whether you are a new grad, a new leader, a seasoned corporate leader, a small business, or a solopreneur, you can leverage Twitter for learning, growth, and success. If your image of Twitter is a useless stream of info about who is going for coffee or mostly links to squeeze pages that just try to sell you something, think again!

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Revisit Twitter and leverage the no cost learning from diverse subject matter experts that freely share and discuss their insights. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, on Twitter you do not have to be formally connected to someone to access their knowledge and leverage it for your learning and development.

You can follow anyone and read their tweets and blogs or simply search on your topic of interest and read without following them.

There are go givers like Mike Henry, Sr @MikeHenrySrwho connects and mobilizes people for learning through The LeadChange Group and inspirational gurus like @eleesha, @Dave_carpenter, @InspirationGuy whose tweets lift you up and take you in new directions.

From the academic authors like Bob Sutton, @work_matters Stanford Professor & Author “Good Boss, Bad Boss” & “The No Asshole Rule” to consumers’ favorite author of “Dummy Books” @MarshaCollier, you can connect and learn with them.

Here is a Twitter sampling of the tips, knowledge, and insight waiting for you and it is just a tiny taste:

Success: “When you make a promise by word or by deed – keep it.” ~ Joan Koeber-Walker, CEO Core Purpose, @CorePurpose @JKWInnovation

Innovation: “There’s such pressure to do, do, do. But if you’re always mentally full, there’s no room for growth, new ideas, & change.”  ~ Mike Brown Founder of Brainzooming @Brainzooming

Leadership: “As a leader, it is important to surround yourself with people who are not impressed with you, but respect you.” ~ Joshua Symonette, former NFL player and Leadership Consultant. @JSym

Success & Winning: “The moment you let your emotions take control, you have lost control. Maintain your composer and you can win. – Michael Symonette (Joshua’s dad).

Professional Success: “Build and nurture a diverse professional network.  The network can be a fabulous source for advisors, sounding boards, idea generators, and business leads.” ~Joe Williams, NASA Scientist, @RikerJoe

Interpersonal Success: “Smiling.  It shows that you are personable and approachable. Consider the potential of this!” ~Matt Reiter @ReiterTweets

Business Success: “Great customer service is the ultimate upsell.” ~Russel Lolacher @RussLOL

Leadership: “Consider the hallmarks – Honesty is about what you say. Integrity is about what you do.” ~Mark Sturgell @pdncoach

Leadership: “What’s worse than failure? Succeeding at what doesn’t matter.” ~Dan Rockwell @LeadershipFreak

Leadership: “It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear.” ~Red Auerbach (Former Coach of the Boston Celtics) – this is one of Dan’s favorite quotes!

Lead Change:“Wise leaders build trust BEFORE trying to drive change.” ~Tristan Bishop @KnowledgeBishop

Initiative & Success: ““We each choose: It’s either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” ~Dr. Jim Burns @drjimburns

Coping With Change: “Instead of seeing change as difficult, see it as a path to becoming even better.” ~Gary Loper @GaryLoper

Reward & Recognition: “Be so busy giving recognition to others, that you will not need it yourself.” ~ Jim Rohn This is one of Gary’s favorite quotes!

And yours truly, @Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach, offering my twenty years of experience and natural people skills talent on customer service, teamwork, and leading change. My connections with behavioral neuro experts like Dr. Ellen F. Weber @ellenfweber have expanded my knowledge and horizons.

If you are not leveraging the learning on Twitter, you are overlooking the biggest open forum available for your professional development.

If you are not using Twitter for your business and brand, you are forfeiting the greatest no cost neon sign ever invented. Join us on the new horizon.

If you are using Twitter, what has been your greatest learning or gain? I welcome your contributions to this post in the comments field below.

4 Responses to “Leverage Twitter for Learning: New Grads, Leaders, Business”

  1. ~ Eleesha ~ says:

    My dearest Kate, Thank you so much for including me in your wonderful blog ‘Leverage Twitter for Learning: New Grads, Leaders, Business’. I appreciate you sharing my work and what I do on Twitter with all your readers. Sending you much #love & #light as always!
    Big Hugs & Love!
    ~ Eleesha~ ( @eleesha ) ?

  2. Jesse Stoner says:

    Thanks, Kate, for your post. I’ve been on Twitter 4 months now and am learning as I go. I began at the recommendation of colleagues I respect, but had the same preconceptions you describe – that it would be a constant stream of useless information. In fact the opposite has been true. Your post gives a nice overview of the value of Twitter, an organizing framework, and good suggestions of people to follow. that is helpful. I’ve recently participated in 2 chats, another feature of Twitter with great potential.

  3. Great post, Kate! I primarily use Twitter as a learning resource. There is no way to quantify how much money this stuff is worth! How could you not tap into FREE learning!

  4. Kate,
    What a great idea to put this together!


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