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Most leaders want limitless leadership success yet assume that it’s almost impossible. Well I challenge that assumption because I see specifically how leaders limit their own success. In fact, many people make the very same mistake and limit their own lives. They are comfortable with what they know and so they don’t grow.

Limitless Leadership Success: Image is person walking opposite to arrows printed on the road surface

For limitless leadership success, replace comfort with curiosity. Image by Massimo Variolo via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Massimo Variolo via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Limitless Leadership Success: Welcome Curiosity

Consider this list of leadership moments where you revel in what you know instead of taking the risk to grow.

  • You had an extraordinary employee who moved on. You quietly compare the other team members and even new employees to the one who left. And so you don’t see the unique greatness of those you now lead. Forget the past. Be curious about what these employees can do and awaken their talents! This gives you limitless leadership success and it leads morale.

  • One of the team members has horrible team skills yet performs well individually. It is affecting team performance. You claim that teamwork skills are critical yet you do nothing to retrain or release the non-team player. The comfort and security you feel about this individual top performer limits your leadership judgment and success. Overcome your comfort and envision the success possible without this non-team playing maverick.

  • You’ve organized a company leadership conference for a couple of years and used the same great well-received speaker. This year that speaker is not available. You engage a different well-respected speaker yet introduce them with: “We couldn’t get the great speaker we had for the last two years, so we have _____________ this year.” As the conference organizer, you have just limited the success of your conference. Your message is all about the past instead of being excited and curious about a new speaker.

  • Be Comfortable w/ Curious Employees

  • You have curious innovative employees that make you feel uncomfortable. Ask yourself why? Does their desire to change things scare you? Perhaps it’s because they want to create limitless success and you want to be comfortable with what already works. Instead of that, embrace the possibilities. Then help them work through steps to lower any real risks of failure! Critical thinking does not have to limit change and innovation. It can make them happen.

Limitless Leadership Success: Are You Curious Enough to Grow?

Do you …

  • Frequently ask why, why not, and what if?

  • Listen especially when you don’t like what you are hearing?

  • Ask those you lead for new ideas and applaud them for taking the risk to change things?

  • Do something different or read something very different each day or week?

  • Picture yourself as a change agent and then do something each day to make it happen?

Limitless leadership success boils down to being a lifelong learner. In fact, career success even as a non-leader comes down to the same behavior. Be comfortable being curious and inspire that in those you lead!

Limitless Leadership Success: Kate Nasser quote says Don't revel in what you know; take the risk to grow!

Don’t revel in what you know; take the risk to grow. ~ Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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How has being curious helped you and your career?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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