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The debate about how leaders and managers act differently toward staff has always puzzled me. The list of how employees want to be treated is the same for everyone. Why do managers think it’s different for them? So I ask managers now, how would you act differently if you were leaders? Consider the list below and then think again!

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Managers, Would You Act Differently If You Were Leaders? Image by Steve Jurvetson via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Steve Jurvetson via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Managers, How Would You Act Differently If You Were Leaders?

Check this list and then consider how you would do these things right now — as managers — much as leaders do every day.

  • Inspiring staff to the heights of morale and performance. Inspiring others is not the sole purview of leaders. When managers inspire staff, performance and morale go up. You model it for staff and they begin to do it with each other. This is how teams deliver excellence.

  • Encouraging innovative problem solving. Instead of problem solving everything yourself, ask staff how they would solve the problem. You may be surprised at the innovation talents you uncover among them. Moreover, by encouraging this, you plant the seeds for accepting change as it comes. WOW! You will reduce change resistance and that’s amazing.

  • The Tough One

  • Empowering staff. Many managers struggle with this one. They subconsciously resist empowering staff for a couple of reasons. They fear that empowered staff will make them (the managers) obsolete. Or they fear that empowered staff will make mistakes and that they (the managers) will get the blame.

    Well, remember that you are far better than your current position. You don’t have to fear becoming obsolete if you are always learning. Moreover, as you empower staff, you show leaders how much you believe in your abilities and potential. That matters! As for the second fear, if you let empowered staff know they can tap your expertise along the way, they won’t make serious mistakes.

Why Act Differently?

Well, studies show people leave their “bosses” — aka managers — who limit their development. Not only do staff employees expect you as manager to treat them with respect and dignity, they expect you to inspire, empower, and mentor their potential. Be the inspiring empowering manager you never had when you were a staff member. Don’t wait to get the title of leader. If you wait, you may never become a leader!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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