Memorable Customer Experience: Far Deeper Than a Smile | #CX

Memorable Customer Experience: More Than a Smile!

You create a truly memorable customer experience when your understanding of customers is deep and caring. This deep caring and call to serve produces the authentic all important smile. During two visits to the Delta Calgary South Hotel, Lina Gonzalez at the front desk was living proof of this.

Memorable Customer Experience: Image is Delta Calgary South Hotel

Memorable Customer Experience: Far Deeper Than a Smile

Image is Delta Calgary South Hotel, Calgary Canada.

Memorable Customer Experience is Deeper Than a Smile!

What did Lina do that made each interaction a truly memorable experience?

  1. Every move she made said, “I care.”
  2. Every promise and vow she made, she delivered.
  3. Every time we connected, she listened and took action outside the box instead of being a procedural robot.
  4. Every time I saw her, she was smiling from her heart — with every customer.
  5. Every time she interacted, she gave more than just a smile.

In my feedback to the Delta Calgary South Hotel, I wrote, “Lina knows how to build relationships. To her, customer service is not a smiling transaction.”

A transaction is not a memorable customer experience. A caring interaction is! I am grateful to Lina and the Delta Calgary South Hotel for making my long business stays there a home away from home. Ask any business road warrior and they will tell you that this type of customer service experience matters. It draws us back to the same hotel because it is consistently great.

Leadership Steps to Truly Memorable Customer Experience

  • Inspire your employees to care before you train them to smile.
  • Lead for memorable customer experience; don’t lead for metrics.

  • Create a culture of caring accountability and celebrate it.
  • Train them with engaging real life scenarios. Have them assess and role play. Don’t lecture w/ slides. In the memorable customer experience workshops I deliver, everyone participates for they are the ones that create the greatness!
  • Hire reps like Lina and others I have met over the years, who believe they can make a difference. They don’t act in routine ways. They truly care.
  • Focus your leadership on excellence not repetition of procedures. The challenge of excellence is consistency — not repetition.

Update: As I finish this post I have just become aware that the Delta Calgary South employee, Lina Gonzalez, has been nominated for the prestigious Calgary White Hat award for outstanding service. Congratulations Lina. I am not surprised. You embody the spirit of the white hat!

Leaders, how will you inspire service greatness today?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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4 Responses to “Memorable Customer Experience: Far Deeper Than a Smile | #CX”

  1. Khalid says:

    Wow Kate,

    You inspired me to have a team like so. I’m being transferred from IT to a marketing unit. We will be promoting the use of smart card to fill gas. I’ll be leader a fleet of sales rep or customer support.

    Now I’ll definitely put customer understanding and affection top of my priorities 🙂



  2. Terri Klass says:

    Love your post, Kate and you really got me to smile today!

    Customer service is so important for companies to build truly loyal patrons. When I presented customer service training for a healthcare system, we would call each of these interactions with a patient or family member, a “moment of truth”. During those few moments, we can either “wow” people over or show how little we care. It sounds like Lina took each “moment of truth” vey seriously because she wanted to cultivate relationships and connections.

    Thanks Kate for another fantastic insight into customer service!


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