Millennials Success: Be Included Not Just Recognized #PeopleSkills

Millennials Success: 5 Ways to Be Included Not Just Recognized!

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I keep reading articles about what millennials want at work. My advice is to millennials …

Being recognized says, “We see you.” Being included says, “We need you and we trust you.” Success depends on being needed and trusted.

Millennials Success: 5 Ways to Be Included Not Just Recognized

Being different can get you recognized yet it won’t necessarily get you included or trusted. Differences create gaps that can trigger mistrust.

Flex and adapt to others and they will recognize AND include you. As you close the gaps, mistrust fades into comfort and eventually trust.

  1. Dress with some individual expression yet not too much. How you dress tells others whether you want to connect with them. Too different says, “Look how different I am.” Somewhat similar to others says, “Yes I want to connect.”

  2. Show your endurance and forbearance. Being needed and trusted grows from your ability to work through situations (and people) you don’t like. Everyone faces a difficult road. Show emotional intelligence and willingness to work through other’s flaws.

  3. DifficultRoadsOftenLeadtoBeautifulDestinations

  4. Bring both your exuberance and curiosity. Combine your exuberance with curiosity about others. Too much of “here’s my view” without enough “what’s your view” will get you recognized but not trusted, and included. Show true interest in others and you build connections and trust.

  5. Offer your talents and technology know-how but don’t expect immediate acceptance. Success comes from offering the new while valuing the status quo. Otherwise others may see you as a narrow-minded know-it-all.

  6. Act empowered not entitled. Empowerment gives; entitlement takes. Whom would you trust more? Someone who walks in asking others to do for them or someone who walks in contributing? Contributors become needed and trusted.

You can take all these steps and still be you. Inclusion doesn’t mean complete assimilation. You can be included without fading into the background.

Inclusion doesn’t mean you lose you. It’s not total …

Inclusion is not assimilation. You can still be you!

Inclusion is not assimilation. You can still be you!

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Whether starting a career or changing jobs, most people hope to be acknowledged and recognized. Yet being recognized is not enough.

Eccentrics, celebrities, and upstarts are recognized yet not always trusted and seen as necessary. Being included signals that you are needed and also trusted. The five steps noted above to get there are worth the effort.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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