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To keep our balance at work, we can use these moderating people skills. In the constant swirl of different interactions, we need to increase our confidence and reduce our fear. These moderating people skills do just that!

Moderating People Skills: Image is a level.

These Moderating People Skills Reduce Fear & Give You Balance. Image by HomeSpot HQ via Flickr.

Image by HomeSpot HQ via Flickr Creative Commons License.

These Moderating People Skills Balance Us & Reduce Fear

Extreme beliefs about other people and fears of all these interactions, can unbalance us and drive us apart. We end up letting assumptions and fears rob us of the great experience we could have with our leaders, colleagues, and customers.

On the flip side, if we use these people skills steps, we prevent fears from hijacking our connections and success.

  1. Show empathy. Empathy is the connection before any debate, negotiation, and solution. It tells everyone involved that they matter. This is a powerful balancing force!

  2. Say no without offending, Whether you are interacting with an employee, a colleague, or a customer, saying no without disrespecting them preserves important bonds.

  3. And use these steps as well …

  4. Listen without boundaries. When we listen with open minds, we show respect and build trust. This prevents interactions from falling off the cliff. No that is balance!

  5. Ask great questions. They unearth knowledge we don’t have and help us learn more about others.

  6. Develop our intuition about others. Intuition is not voodoo. It is experience reapplied. Observe others and see patterns of their behavior. Then reapply this knowledge the next time you interact with them.

  7. Receive feedback without being defensive. This ability to hear others makes others comfortable. They see us as balanced, mature, and easy to work with!

  8. Address insults without coming unglued. No one likes insults. Yet they do happen. Some are clearly abusive, others more subtle. When we reply with a simple, “Let’s show mutual respect and discuss the issues…”, we stay balanced and prevent conflict.

What does it take to do all this?

Desire to work well with others. We must also see the value of moderation. Some people confuse moderation with mediocrity. It isn’t. Moderation is strength and balance. And these moderating people skills help us balance the demands of relationships.

When have people skills helped you interact well at work? Share your examples!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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