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Today’s leaders — both new and experienced — do well when they embrace these modern leadership truths. On the surface, these truths may seem obvious. Yet, when you think about the details, you realize just how committed you must be to lead well. Here are seven modern leadership truths to live and lead well.

Modern Leadership Truths: Image is the word Truth on a sign.

Modern Leadership Truths for Today’s Leaders. Image by Bill Dimmick via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Bill Dimmick via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Modern Leadership Truths for Today’s Leaders

    Location Trust

  1. Virtual work is here to stay. Check your old beliefs about needing to see people working to know they are working. Find and replace in your organization any hidden biases against virtual workers. This COVID plague may be waning but it proved employees could work virtually. Oh yes, and stop calling them remote workers. It suggests that they are less important than those working in the real work site (not remote).

  2. Build Trust. Your Title Won’t Do It.

  3. Titles never built trust. Order-giving leaders, in the past, used their titles to get obedience and compliance. Yet new generations don’t put much stock in that. They leave and find new jobs. Be the leader who builds trust and watch your organization soar. This is one of the most important modern leadership truths.

  4. Old Truth Now One of Modern Leadership Truths

  5. Line leaders (sometimes called managers) can easily morph from being leaders into being order givers. Why? Because as they focus on daily metrics, they start to see metrics as the ultimate goal. So they tell me they need to be more stern with those they lead to reach the metrics. Wrong. They need to inspire them. Recommendation to Their Leaders: Train line leaders on how to inspire and lead to reach the goals. Spot early on any slip toward order-giving. And lastly, make sure that you are not creating this order-giving shift through what you tell them.

  6. Authenticity Is Not Justification for Being Hurtful

  7. Authenticity must include filtering and learning. Non-learning oafish leaders often say, “That’s just the way I am.” Yet today when you say yes to being a leader, you are saying you will treat people with respect. Here’s how to be honest not blunt. Remember, you lead diverse people. Learn and grow with them to treat them with respect not disrespect.

  8. Modern Leadership Truths About Culture

  9. Cultural intelligence is essential today. People’s heritage and culture somewhat shapes their values, their communication style, and how they work with others. If you want to lead well today, develop cultural intelligence.

  10. How you lead shapes the organization’s culture. Too hands-off and the line leaders and employees may develop whatever culture feels comfortable for them. In service organizations, this can be very risky. Instead of having a culture of service excellence, you may end up with a culture of transactional technicians that drive customers away. Too dictatorial and your organization’s culture will be low morale and high turnover. This revolving door culture can bring down your company. Develop a high morale, high achieving, service excellence culture.

  11. High Level Leaders Must Lead Morale

  12. Don’t delegate leading morale. Lead morale at every level. Morale is not a series of rah rah events. It’s not a celebration of employee appreciation day. High morale is a culture all based on dignity. And the younger generations in the work force want and expect belonging, purpose, respect, and dignity. Lead morale because if you’re not leading morale, you’re not leading anyone.


Modern leadership truths can guide you to overcome age-old leadership challenges. Old habits and human tendencies can have power over you unless you commit to leading in new ways. Use the list above to guide you! Good luck. If you have questions, I am here to help.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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