Motivate Mondays: How do you inspire at the start of the week?

This is a new ongoing blog post to collect and share great practical tips on starting the week off with a positive pop!! Here are just a few starting tips.  Please add your comments below so we can get this rolling.  

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Motivate Mondays: Tips to inspire a great start of the week:

  • Sunday, have fun during the day, get organized in the evening, and sleep happy at night.
  • Plant a big smile on your face as you go to work.  Let your actions control your feelings not the reverse.
  • Do something different at work on Monday morning.  It will change the entire week.
  • Ask your teams and colleagues: What will we learn this week?  Because you change how you start the week, your week will take a new and different path.

Inspiring yourself and others has great rewards.  It changes your thinking.  It changes your outlook.  It changes what happens around you because of your actions to try something different and change.

Please contribute a Motivate Mondays tip below.  We grow and change by listening and learning from others.

Kate Nasser

9 Responses to “Motivate Mondays: How do you inspire at the start of the week?”

  1. Susan Mazza says:

    Here’s two ideas. Commit an act of kindness either on your way to work or first thing when you get to work. Brightening someone else’s day always seems to brighten yours. Another is to get up just a little early and get some exercise – somehow seems harder on Monday’s but always worth it.

  2. Kimb Manson says:

    Instead of greeting colleagues with the typical:
    • Morning
    • Hi
    • Silent head nod

    Say Good Morning! With a smile and joyful tone, remembering ever day is a gift.

    Second thought, clean up on Sunday. Prior to turning in on Sunday night spend some time tidying up your surroundings. Leave your kitchen counters clean and do the dishes. Monday morning make your bed. Much thought time, and energy is wasted Mondays dreading the work you have to do when you get home. The simple Sunday night ritual will free your mental mind space, and Monday while out and about in your work day, you will rest easy knowing when you get home there is nothing to do but relax and put the feet up.

  3. julie says:

    Great idea, Kate!
    As something of a serial procrastinator, I like to take at least one task from my list and complete it on monday. I often get several tasks/projects going at the same time. I’ll do a little on each thing, but they don’t get completed. So now I try to actually finish one thing, even if it’s small, to start the week off right.


  4. Tom Morris says:

    Good advice! I like to do a little late Sunday visualization of what I want to make happen on Monday! Gets me in the groove!

  5. Kate Nasser says:

    These are a great start. Please keep the ideas coming. I want to expand this. Wouldn’t it be nice on a Friday we say “what a great week” instead of the old “TGIF”.
    Come back and add new ideas as you discover them in your daily life!

  6. ReloMary says:

    Pop into the office with a cup of coffee for one of your peers – just surprise them by sitting down for a 5 minute chat. Last week “Donna” did this for me and it was a crazy pick-me-up! Sweet!

  7. Kate Nasser says:

    Good one Mary. Little surprises go a long long way to surprise and uplift a Monday!
    Thanks for contributing.

  8. John Zimmer says:

    Nice post, Kate.

    You already have some great suggestions above, so I won’t belabour them. But a little “Monday Math” can also work wonders. Whenever someone is complaining about it being Monday, I remind them that Mondays constitute 1/7 or 14.3% of their lives, and that perhaps it would be better to find something enjoyable about those particular 24 hours. The math always gets them to pause and think.



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