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It is always valuable to have new year people skills reminders that keep us growing and connecting. Here are this year’s people skills reminders about speaking listening, leading, collaborating, and serving each other.

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12 New Year People Skills Reminders for Personal & Professional Success

As you read these new year people skills reminders, make a note of your initial reaction. Your initial thought to each one may get you started immediately with ease and success.

    6 New Year People Skills Reminders

  1. You matter. Everyone matters. Reach out to connect instead of competing for who matters. The results are amazing.

  2. Authenticity is NOT a license to be rude, insulting, selfish, or to bully. Be honest with care not blunt and boorish. Use your emotional intelligence.

  3. Listening is the easiest way to show respect to others. Through that respect, you will achieve results otherwise beyond your reach.

  4. “Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others … they too have their story. ~Max Ehrmann”

  5. Dialogues get you further than delivering monologues. Monologues may seem brilliant in a stage play. Yet in everyday life, they mostly turn people off. Why should anyone pay attention to you if you are not engaging them? Remember dialogue not monologue.

  6. Don’t let fear drive you to stubbornness. Become aware of your fears. Write down how they may be stopping your openness to other’s ideas. People eventually walk away from stubborn adults. New year people skills reminders: Do some self-reflection on how your fears are limiting your success with others.

  7. Learn how to give a heartfelt apology with no excuses. At some point you will offend or hurt someone. The words that come out of your mouth will determine if others accept your apology and trust you again.

  8. 5 More New Year People Skills Reminders

  9. Be confident enough to collaborate with others and find mutual agreement. If the need to be right and have the last word drive your daily interactions, you will lose more often than you think.

  10. Give sincere compliments. As you honor other people’s strengths and talents, morale and success soars. This is true for leaders, teammates, and in everyday life.

  11. When others disrespect you, respond by saying, I treat you with basic respect and expect the same in return. Say this calmly and confidently. It is incredibly effective.

  12. Empathy is the connection before the solution. Whether you are conflicting with someone or working with them in troubled times, show empathy to secure trust. Then dig into the solution.

  13. Bias against others (unconscious or conscious) creates long-lasting resentments. Identify your biases and remove them. Apologize for the hurt you have inflicted and treat people with respect.

  14. Most Important of the New Year People Skills Reminders

  15. If you treat others with dignity every day your life and career, you will thrive. Dignity affects everything. It is one of the most basic human needs. To preserve dignity, think win/win. Don’t conquer. Show respect and interact with civility. Civility doesn’t weaken your message. It helps others hear it.

Make these new year people skills reminders part of your daily life. They will strengthen your leadership style, your ability as a teammate, your career success, and your personal relationships.

How have people skills helped you personally & professionally?

Share your most memorable moment.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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  1. Alli Polin says:

    Nodded along with each one, Kate. I admit I’ve never run into anyone who has put #9 into action but can see how powerful it would be when said with respect for self and others – no mean, no nasty. Love it!


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