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People Leadership: Changes to Make Right Now to Lead People Better!

People Leadership: Image says Do the Right Thing

People Leadership: Things to Do Today to Lead Better Leader.

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People Leadership: Changes to Make Now to Lead Better Tomorrow!

  1. Identify and validate your assumptions in every interaction. Assumptions can kill people leadership. They lead to inaccurate inferences and decisions especially about people. This creates resentment and mistrust.

  2. Lead through bonds — not authority. People work with those they like and trust. Get to know your teams & let them get to know you.

  3. Learn from your mistakes & promise to improve. You become a model for continuous improvement and a culture of learning.

  4. Recognize, honor, and celebrate people’s talents. You ignite more contribution and commitment when you highlight people’s strengths!

  5. Develop loads of self-awareness. Self-aware leaders regulate their extremes and prevent blaming and dumping on their employees.

  6. Put the we go before your own ego. Generosity and humility are key to leading people well. It quickly builds tremendous trust and respect!

  7. Courageously address necessary conversations. Unaddressed performance issues, teamwork problems, and organizational issues, leave team members wondering why you are the leader. Step out of the shadows, out of your comfort zone, and lead.

  8. Create calm in a storm without telling others to calm down. A great leader’s presence is like a port in a storm. It shores others up. It doesn’t tear others down. It doesn’t patronize or demean others for needing support.

  9. Develop your inspirational skills. Many new leaders don’t believe they are inspirational. I see this especially with technical leaders. Truth is that inspiring others is a skill you can learn and must develop. Start with understanding what inspires your specific employees.

  10. Reach out to learn what your employees think is great leadership. Ask them to complete this sentence: “I love it when leaders _______________. It’s a fun activity to do in a staff meeting. It’s easy to answer. It builds tremendous connection.

People leadership is not a reward for your years of service. People leadership is a call to serve others. It is a call to know yourself, stretch yourself, improve yourself, and give of yourself.

Ask yourself: Why do you want to serve?

Ask others: What do they expect of you?

I ask you: What would you add to the list above?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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3 Responses to “People Leadership: 10 Things to Do Now to Lead Better Tomorrow | #LeadMorale”

  1. Jeff Ogden says:

    Very good article on leadership. Thanks for sharing it. Ironically, I learned what makes a good head coach at Notre Dame. (My alma mater.)

    Hire the best assistants, e.g. for offensive linemen and continually recruit the best players in the country. The key in leadership is to surround yourself with the very best.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      There’s so much truth in that Jeff. When leaders tap the best talent, it activates other talent and everyone succeeds! Thanks for adding to this discussion.

      Grateful regards,

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