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You can make people skills choices to enhance your happiness and success in life. There are times you must be around people that you find deeply annoying and difficult. I’ve even written on 7 ways to survive toxic attitudes and behaviors. Beyond survival, make people skills choices to thrive. Ask yourself, what type of attitudes and behaviors lift me up? Who do I want in my life?

People Skills Choices: Image is a Round Red With Word Choice

People Skills Choices: Enhance Your Happiness. Image by Jeremy Brooks via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Jeremy Brooks via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Make People Skills Choices: Whom do you want in your life?

Taking time to reflect and imagine this makes a radical difference in your life. To get you thinking, here are some of the top people skills choices others have made. Whom do you want in your life?

  • Inspired. These folks offer optimism and insight. Do they lift you up? Or do they bug you with their positive energy?

  • Givers. They generously give and help others out. Would they be on your list? Or do you feel awkward around them?

  • Great communicators. They are clear and minimize confusion. Do you want them in your life? Why?

  • Patient reflectors. They don’t push. They are more quiet and introspective. How would they affect you?

  • Action oriented. They initiate and get things done. Would they enhance your life? Or would you feel run over?

  • Emotionally Mature. They own their emotions and empathize with others. How would they enhance your happiness and success?

  • Grateful. They live a life of gratitude. Can you picture how they might enhance your life?

  • Who else? _____________________.

Whom would you add to this list? Making these people skills choices shapes your life. Once you have your initial list, take time to rate your own ability in these skills and behaviors. Then, develop your people skills ability to enhance their lives as well.

Have you ever thought about making these people skills choices? Please share your story!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Top People Skills Choices: Who’s In Your Life? | #PeopleSkills #Coaching”

  1. Alli Polin says:

    Love this list and your suggestion that we reflect on who we want in our life. With Giver, you open the door that it may make some people uncomfortable. We need to be honest about who lifts us and who doesn’t. One I’ll add I’m not sure of the perfect name but I’ll call them Welcomers. These people are inclusive, open the door to others and make them feel welcome whether it’s at lunch or in a brainstorming meeting. I’ve seen Welcomers in action and it’s a gift that not everyone shares and a people skills choice that I appreciate and love to see in action.


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Hi Alli,
      You are correct that some people are uncomfortable with givers. I even wrote a blog post on that: Are Your Teams Uncomfortable w/ Generosity? So ironic.

      As for your addition of Welcomer, it’s a great word! Welcomers are a big advantage to every workplace and team. It addresses one of the basic needs — belonging.

      Thanks so much Alli. You always expand these discussions.

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