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People skills civility is important for every professional interaction. In leadership, teamwork, sales, and customer service, its the start of a positive relationship. Yet, if you don’t add empathy to the interaction, civility can seem cold and even fake. So power up the duo of civility and empathy for business success.

People Skills Civility & Empathy Duo: Image is two red flowers.

People Skills Civility & Empathy: Power Up This Duo. Image by Craig Sefton via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Craig Sefton via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Power Up People Skills Civility & Empathy

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Power Up Your Civility AND Empathy — the Power Duo!

To ensure that your civility with employees, teammates, and customers comes across as sincere, add empathy to your interaction. Empathy is not only for tough times. When you combine it with civility, it is the connection that makes every interaction more than just a transaction.

Moreover, through listening and empathy — the great detectives — you discover your best opportunities to serve others and reach a shared success.

Now Power Up Your Civility & Empathy!

To engage others with civility and empathy, you must want to be in service to others and believe that your work is service work. Many professionals outside of direct front line work don’t see it their work as service. Even some healthcare professionals don’t understand the pressing need for them to really serve others vs. delivering medical care. Yet study after study shows that most human beings want care and consideration in different forms. It’s clear what this means for leadership, teamwork, patient care, sales, and customer service.

Leaders & managers especially, serve your teams with people skills civility, empathy, great listening, and true leadership. Your words and actions become the model for the culture and yes, it matters. Employees — the talent you already hired — leave toxic cultures, bullying leaders, and managers who don’t focus on human needs.

And lastly, with customers, power up your people skills civility and empathy for the very best long term relationships.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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