People Skills: Essential Beliefs to Achieve Interdependence #peopleskills

People skills represent interdependence. They are built on a foundation of interdependence.

If you seek only independence and are wary of interdependence, your people skills will reflect your preference. Your connections will be at worst confrontational and at best tentative.

If you want to foresee your true people skills ability, first look at your present view of interdependence! You can check it right now with this list of essential beliefs.

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People Skills: Essential Beliefs to Achieve Interdependence

When people tell me they want to improve their people skills for business success, I ask them how comfortable they are with interdependence.

Desire to connect is the driver of all great people skills and connection requires at least some comfort with interdependence.

Beliefs on Interdependence: Agree/Disagree?

  1. You don’t lose yourself; you expand your potential.
  2. You don’t lose your goals; you reach them.
  3. You don’t do all the giving; you receive what you need.
  4. You gain much through others that you couldn’t create yourself.
  5. You learn lessons with others impossible to have alone.
  6. Interdependence is give and take — not sacrifice and loss.
  7. Interdependence can achieve more than independence.
  8. Interdependence doesn’t lower the bar; it raises all up through collective talents.
  9. Interdependence sustains; it doesn’t drain. It is the core of resilience.
  10. Interdependence is the natural existence. It is truth. The universe is interdependent.
  11. Interdependence is the highest evolution. Independence is an initial response to oppression. It is the growth stage between youth and maturity.
  12. Interdependence requires courage.
  13. Interdependence requires a bigger view.
  14. Interdependence requires self-awareness and self-confidence.
  15. Interdependence requires adaptability and flexibility — the genius of thriving and surviving!

People skills authentically connect you with others when you believe in and are comfortable with interdependence. Likewise, if you see interdependence as limiting your greatness, sacrificing your goals, and draining your spirit, your people skills will reflect this mistrust and loss mentality.

The business rewards of interdependence are great. Leaders who acknowledge they succeed with the teams achieve more. Teams that fine tune interdependence perform at a higher level. Businesses that honor their suppliers and customers, realize long term success through interdependence.

I welcome interdependence. Do you? If yes, how did you become comfortable with it? How has it helped you in your life and work? I welcome your thoughts in the comments section below.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™

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