People Skills: Humorous Hints to Communicate Well

Communication styles vary. Some people communicate in a detached way — simply delivering information. Some communicate to drive to an end result. Others try to persuade as they communicate.  Still others always seek to bond with people.

Communication is one of the people skills that greatly impacts your life. Most people like their own communication style and would love it if everyone communicated using their style. The probability of that being small, it makes sense to boost your people skills with some ability to interact with other styles.

How well do you communicate with the types you dread? These humorous hints on communicating well with other people will help you help yourself!

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If you began to twitch as you read that some people communicate to persuade or to bond, you are probably the detached communicator or the end result fan.
Helpful Hint: When you must face the dreaded persuader or worse yet, the clinging bonder, use their name when interacting. It’s one small step for you and one giant connection for them! You will be released from bondage with this small concession.

If you ran for your warmest coat as you read that some people are detached when communicating or drive to the end result, you are a persuader or a bonder.
Helpful Hint: To survive the cold chill of the just the facts folks or the finish line sprinter, run it backwards. Put the facts and goals first and then the extras. You can’t hug someone when they are twitching! Up front facts and goals are the communication valium that relax the twitchers — and you get a bit of a hug (weak though it may be).

If you don’t like communicating with anyone, consider applying for the next reality show where you live alone on a desert island and telepath the fish count in — once a month.

Hey, it beats twitching your life away.

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5 Responses to “People Skills: Humorous Hints to Communicate Well”

  1. Jim Morgan says:

    I have another suggestion for those who don’t like communicating. Since so many people still believe the “Mehrabian Myth” that communication is 93% nonverbal (and that the world is flat), become a mime! Everyone will think you’re the best communicator in the company.

    Thanks for the fun and pointed post, Kate.

  2. Great post Kate. If we cringe over another’s communication style we stop listening and can miss an important message. Thanks for sharing tips to help us never miss out.

  3. Roy Atkinson says:

    Kate, can I be a bonding persuasive twitchy fish telepath? Pleeease? Now, where’s my coat…..
    Thanks – Roy

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