People Skills Lessons Learned: Community Festival of Experience! #peopleskills

People Skills Lessons Learned: Experience From People Skills Community Members!

People Skills Lessons Learned: Image is fireworks.

People Skills Lessons Learned: Community Festival. Image by Marcio Cabral de Moura

Image by Marcio Cabral de Moura via Flickr Creative Commons License.

There are three ways to learn great people skills.

  • Interact with people and get their reactions and feedback. These become your people skills lessons learned.
  • Learn from experts who combine their own people skills lessons learned with lots of research and assessment of human interaction.
  • Ask others about their people skills lessons learned and hear their insights.

As The People Skills Coach™, I do all three! And I am honored to have in the people skills online community many who also believe in continuous learning. We share our experiences every Sunday in #Peopleskills Twitter chat. We also discuss people skills in our Google+ community, our LinkedIn Group, and our newest venue on Facebook. Join us!

There’s more. Some community members have now blogged their people skills lessons learned in this first ever people skills community festival. So you can also engage here in the comments section and on their individual blogs.

People Skills Lessons Learned: Read, Ponder, Share, Discuss

From personal perspectives to business insights, these blog posts show the generosity and insight of these people skills community members. I am grateful for their people skills lessons learned and their contributions. A special thank you to Karin Hurt. Her Lets Grow Leaders festivals were the inspiration for this festival.

What happens when you work in a place that is toxic or dysfunctional? How can you sustain yourself day by day? This is how I learned to sustain myself. ~Chantal Bechervaise

    How I Found the Strength to Sustain Myself From: @CBechervaise

Squeaky wheels do not always get greased … well, maybe they do, but not like you think. A little questioning of a real well-known phrase. ~John E. Smith

    Squeak At Your Own Risk From: @Stratlearner

This post emphasizes the importance of patience in a relationship and life in general. I won’t say more, be patient, read my post & enjoy it! ~Hoda Maalouf

    You Can’t Hurry Love—No, You’ll Just Have to Wait From: @MaaHoda

Attitude is the difference that makes the difference. ~Dave Moore

    Attitude is the Difference From: @Mooreconsortium

When faced with a tough decision, it’s hard to know if you’re running away from something or toward something else. A powerful story of choices and reasons. ~Karin Hurt

    When Running Away is Running Towards From: @LetsGrowLeaders

As a child I heard a lot of old sayings but really didn’t understand most of them. As I grew old I began to understand and find wisdom in them. ~Gloria Wilson

    Keys to Change > Sportsmanship – From the Ball Field to the Board Room. From: @GrandmaOnDeck

As leaders, we need to support the “kore” virtues for humanity by expressing and embracing them openly, living and teaching them. ~Cheri Essner

    Weaving Your Values Into Your Leadership From: @CheriEssner

Be positive . . . A positive attitude can improve your health, enhance your relationships, increase your chances of success, and add years to your life. ~Frank Sonnenberg

    The Power of a Positive Attitude From: @FSonnenberg

Do you want to be successful in doing business globally with others? Do you want to build lasting relationships? Then understand why learning Chinese business etiquette will be important, but not enough. ~Aad Boot

    Cross-Cultural Leadership: Why Learning Chinese Business Etiquette is Not Enough From: @LeadershipWatch

Marketing professionals learn about the needs of their target audiences by asking questions about them. Managers can do the same to understand what matters to their critically important audience: their employees! ~Al Gonzalez

    Hearts and Minds: The Key to Employee Engagement From: @AlGonzalezInfo

Leaders understand that people matter and earn great results by caring and bringing out the best in their people. ~Tom Rhodes

    Lead Through Caring From: @TomJ_Rhodes

Our attitudes and beliefs impact our people skills. What beliefs feed yours? Here’s an eight point checklist that helps me personally and professionally.

    8 Common Causes of People Skills Mistakes ~@KateNasser

What people skills lessons learned will you offer in the comments section below? Engage with us!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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  1. Dave Moore says:

    I truly appreciate you Kate for putting one of my posts alongside yours and alongside posts by so many wonderful and insightful people. This #Peopleskills Blogathon is the first of its kind and I am proud to be at the start of something truly unique.

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