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In leadership, teamwork, sales, and customer service, use people skills magic to connect and work together. People skills allow you to be authentic and respect others. When people like, respect, and trust each other, they work better together — that’s people skills magic.

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People Skills Magic: Ditch These Myths

To create people skills magic, first make sure you ditch these myths about people skills.

  • People skills make you look weak and vulnerable. They don’t. People skills give you the strength to work and do business with anyone. This is one of many reasons I don’t call them soft skills anymore!

  • They make you a fake, a phony. NOT at all. People skills allow you to be yourself and honor others at the same time. This is essential with customers, teammates, and employees. People like working with those they know, like, and trust. That is people skills magic.

  • People skills make you less productive. Hardly! People skills remove and even prevent obstacles between people and you all achieve more.

People Skills Magic: Essentials

There are human truths and essential needs that give people skills magic its power. Whether you are a leader, an employee, a teammate, a sales person, or a customer, you are still, above all, a human being. Because of that, we all know that we share basic psychological needs. We also guide our behavior based on those needs.

  1. Respected. Showing respect through our words and deeds, draws people together. Showing disrespect and disdain, drives people apart. People skills magic starts with respect. It is the very best way to preserve dignity.

  2. Heard/Understood. Great listening ignites people skills magic because it says to people, I understand. I get you. Listening creates people skills magic.

  3. Empathy. Picture yourself as a customer with a problem. Now picture how empathy makes you feel at that moment. This is people skills magic.

  4. Pleasant/flexible. Perhaps the best way to understand this human preference, is to picture working with someone who is unpleasant and rigid. If you had a choice, would you connect with them often? Probably not. Most everyone is drawn to an easy-going person because it feels good. That is powerful people skills magic.

  5. People Skills Magic: Truths of the Heart

  6. Recognized. Addressing someone by name, tells them you see them as an individual. They aren’t just one of the bunch of employees, teammates, or customers. Recognizing people creates people skills magic.

  7. Appreciated. Feeling used and unappreciated is a stab in the heart. When you show appreciation to others, you are telling them they matter. Everyone — and I mean everyone — wants to feel this every single day. Customers, teammates, leaders, friends, family — everyone!

People Skills Magic: The Courage to Trust

In the end, people skills magic makes it easier to trust others. A person can be competent in their occupational skill, yet others don’t trust them. Why? Because their interaction skills are poor. Since they focus on the facts but not the human needs of others, people turn away.

Remember, people skills magic gives others the courage to trust you. Then you must show integrity and live up to that trust!

How has people skills magic helped you in your life & career?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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  1. Jessica Wise says:

    Great article, Kate! I have always believed that having good people skills is essential part of achieving maximum productivity and reaching set goals. Without trust, there can be no growth!

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