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People Skills Philosophy: The Mindset of Success

Success in business comes through your people skills philosophy and your interaction with others. People skills guide that interaction. They are the tools you use to build trust, adapt to change, resolve conflict, and even rebuild trust. Yet your mindset — your philosophy — starts and shapes it all.

What is your people skills philosophy?

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People Skills Philosophy: 4 Steps to Get You Started

  1. Ask before you declare.

    Replace the myth that asking is a sign of weakness. You are not asking for permission or approval. You are asking for information and other views to see the whole picture. It breeds better decisions and agility to deal with changes. The bonus is that others see you as a confident, caring, emotionally intelligent person who respects their views. Reminder: Listening and humility build trust. Without it, success is fleeting.

  2. Give more than you take.

    Greed, selfishness, and overactive egos drive others away. Generosity of spirit, of skill, and of support draw others to you. Generous leaders and teammates create unstoppable success. They put the organization’s needs and goals ahead of their own. People skills philosophy reminder: Be empowered not entitled. When everyone gives, everyone wins.

  3. Show gratitude.

    There is no such thing as too much gratitude. Sincere appreciation for others — even the little things they do — prevents toxic feelings in tough times. It stops doubts and fears about others’ motives from taking root. People skills reminder: Gratitude strengthens and sustains trust in tough times. Without it, success is fleeting.

  4. Work and live with integrity.

    Honesty and fairness maintain trust. A smiling face that fades into dishonesty cripples success with hurtful scars. People skills philosophy reminder: Integrity and great people skills are partners in building and maintaining trust.

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

People Skills Philosophy: The Trust Connection

Success in business hinges on trust. Trust depends not only on your occupational skills, educational degrees, and proven results. It also depends on the impression you make and how you treat others.

How is your people skills philosophy helping you succeed?

From my professional experience to your success,

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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