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Your people skills readiness seizes every opportunity you can’t foresee. You never know who is looking when you interact with others. What business or career opportunity do they have for you? Will they see your current greatness and potential? Will they think you are the one they need? Consider how your people skills readiness snags the win for you.

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People Skills Readiness Seizes Every Unforeseeable Moment. Image licensed from

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People Skills Readiness Shows Your Greatness in Unforeseeable Moments

You can’t plan all your career and business success. In fact, many people report that very different opportunities found them as they were trying to execute their original plan.

Your people skills readiness shows you are the one who can …

  1. Be honest with care not blunt and boorish

  2. Show respect to employees and customers in every moment

  3. Listen, learn, and lead others

  4. Defuse tension and handle difficult moments

  5. Communicate clearly

  6. Be creative and realistic

  7. Inspire teams to the greatest heights

  8. Lead morale when times get tough

  9. Connect with customers and build their loyalty

  10. Be innovative without being chaotic

  11. Show care as well as strength and courage

  12. Offer fresh new ideas and make them happen

  13. Use emotional intelligence in working with others

You Never Know Who Has an Opportunity for You

No matter how successful you are right now, change can threaten and change that. Industries change. Customers change. Specialties become obsolete. Yet if you are always showing your potential fit for new opportunities, you will always succeed. Remember, you never know who is considering you and what they have to offer. And people skills readiness is a strong way to show you are the one.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Your People Skills Readiness Seizes Every Unforeseeable Opportunity | #PeopleSkills”

  1. Alli Polin says:

    I learned that lesson years ago when I moved to a new town. I went to the local grocery store with my family and my children were driving me crazy. I’m positive I was short with them and stopped out, tired and frustrated. The next week, I met with the CEO of a local non-profit who wanted to hire a leadership facilitator. When we sat down for our interview, he said he recognized me from the store. I was shocked. I didn’t lose the opportunity but it reminded me that my people skills are there for everyone to see both in and out of the office.

    Will share!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Oh Alli … I love your story. So real, so true, and yes it can happen to anyone. Thanks for offering this personal example. It is a clear reminder to everyone!


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