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As we near the end of any year, I offer leaders and teams people skills reflections on leadership, teamwork, and morale. This year my people skills reflections should help us all remove some persistent people skills myths that have stopped us from great leadership, teamwork, and morale. I invite you to share your people skills reflections in the comments section below.

People Skills Reflection: Image is a sunset.

People Skills Reflection on Leadership, Teamwork, & Morale. Image by Dr. Wendy Longo via Flickr.

Image by Dr. Wendy Longo via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Year-End People Skills Reflection on Leadership, Teamwork, & Morale

Think back through the year and ask yourself, what old people skills myths did you live? Then, ask yourself, how did it that myth limit you unnecessarily?

Leadership People Skills Reflections

Myth – Leaders must have followers. No!

If you are a leader, expecting people to follow (instead of collaborate with you) may have stopped you from tapping their true potential. Start the new year with the leading and collaborating model instead of leading and following! I will once again be teaching workshops on this and would love to work with you all.

Teamwork People Skills Reflections:

Myth – A team is a group of people with a shared goal. No!

A shared goal does not turn a group into a team. A team is people who together adapt, grow, and change to reach common goals and a shared success. Without stating what you expect of a team (adapting, growing, and changing), you will experience the same old struggles in teamwork. Here are five tips to make it happen.

People Skills Reflections on Morale:

Myth – Morale just happens. You can’t lead it. No!

Bad morale happens when you don’t lead morale. If you’re not leading morale, you’re not leading anyone. Leading morale is all about dignity. Are you surprised? Read more in my new book Leading Morale to understand what morale truly is and how to lead it every day.

As you reflect on this year, what people skills insights have you gained? Pls. share below!

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