People Skills Chat: What Our Mothers Taught Us on #PeopleSkills

People skills Twitter Chat TOPIC: What Our Mothers Taught Us on #PeopleSkills.

WHEN: Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12, 2013 10AM EDT/7am PDT.

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A Different Format for Special Mother’s Day Chat!

Instead of our normal structured questions, I will post a one word topic every five minutes and we will tweet what our mothers taught us about it!

So collect your family people skills wisdom from the ages and get ready to share it this Mother’s Day in #peopleskills chat.

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People Skills Twitter Chat: What Our Mothers Taught Us

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Shout Out of Gratitude

To mothers, step mothers, Godmothers everywhere and all those who have filled those roles without the official title. Thank you for your incredible sacrifice, love, strength, and compassion.

Join People Skills Twitter Chat Sun. May 12th ’13 10am EDT/7am PDT.

If you would like to suggest some of the one word topics for this special Mother’s Day chat, please note them in the comments section below by Saturday May 11th. **What our mothers taught us about ___________ in people skills.

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Hope you will all join in the #PeopleSkills Twitter chat to explore What Our Mothers Taught Us On People Skills, this Sunday May 12, 2013 10am EDT/7am PDT.

Everyone is welcome! We have only one rule in People Skills Twitter Chat: Respect for all even when we disagree.

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I am the founder and host of the chat and will be happy to answer any questions you have in advance: Email me.

Chat with you this Mother’s Day Sunday May 12, 2013 10am EDT in #PeopleSkills Twitter Chat: What Our Mothers Taught Us on People Skills.

Until then, as always, I wish you bonds of happiness and success!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “People Skills Chat: What Our Mothers Taught Us on #PeopleSkills”

  1. Thanks for raising this Kate. What my mother taught me was a whole lot, let me think…
    – the joy of dressmaking (which I regret not having kept up..)
    – looking good or enjoying being domestic doesn’t mean you aren’t smart
    – that men are more unsure of themselves than they look
    – how reaffirming it is to spend time “pottering around” (cooking, sewing or swapping clothes) with other women. In the past I suppose this was what quilt making was for. Again, I regret that I do this so rarely.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Ooh Julia, such great bits of wisdom. I love “looking good or enjoying being domestic doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.” Bravo. This life is about living in fullness of who we are with awareness of those we touch and affect.

      Many thanks for your contribution!!


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